If you want to make your lawn a "No Mole Zone", AAA Lawn Care has the solution for you! We at AAA Lawn Care are already hearing a lot about mole activity, largely due to the mild winter we had.  You can easily identify mole activity if you have piles or “volcanoes” of soil on the surface (caused by star-nosed moles) or raised lawn from tunnels just under the surface (caused by eastern moles).  AAA Lawn Care offers a great mole control program that utilizes the only mole bait proven to kill both types of moles.  This bait resembles an earthworm, which makes up moles’ primary diet.  Our program includes two initial visits during which we bait active mole runs with that look alike worm.  After that, we will come back as needed to reapply the bait at no additional charge.  Another great benefit of AAA Lawn Care’s mole control program is that it is guaranteed all the way through December 31st!  If you would like more information about this program, please call us at (888) 374-7336.
Spring is around the corner and it is a great time to seed for a fuller, greener lawn.  Although AAA Lawn Care does not offer this as a service, we are happy to walk you through the process.  Choosing the right seed, properly seeding, and continuing to maintain new grass are all key to a successful, well established lawn. Deciding What Ar
Dogs may be man’s best friend, but the damage they can cause to grass certainly is not!  A common complaint we hear from dog owners is the appearance of small, round brown spots in the lawn.  Oftentimes, this lawn burn is due to the high nitrogen content in dog urine.  Although there is not one proven solution to what we call “dog sp
Voles and moles are two of the most destructive creatures to lawns this time of year in West Michigan.  Although they have similar sounding names, they are quite different animals.  Voles are very mouse-like in appearance, small and reddish to dark brown in color.  And, similar to mice, they can reproduce and colonize rather quickly.
  What Are Grubs? Grubs are the larvae form of a beetle, sometimes called a white grub, june bug, or other kind of beetle. The c-shaped pale insects feed on the roots of grass and can cause the grass to die. The brown dead patches can be large or small, depending upon how big the grub population is. Lawn care experts say that the best way to d
We have been seeing lots of snow mold on lawns this year now that the snow cover has finally melted.   Snow mold is a common turfgrass disease seen in the Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven & Muskegon areas during the Spring after the snow cover melts.  Snow mold is patchy with spots typically 10-12 inches in diameter.  The patch
If you have lawn damage that looks like this, then you probably have a skunk for a neighbor... Every year we get calls from people who wake up one morning to find that their once beautiful lawn has been torn to shreds.  The damage looks like little holes have been dug everywhere or small patches of turf have been peeled away from the soil. &nb
These are some tips for maximizing your home lawn fertilizer program while minimizing the effects of leaching, runoff and the atmosphere. Test your soil.  Adding phosphorus, potassium and lime according the results of your soil test allows for more efficient use of nitrogen fertilizer. Determine the type of grasses in your lawn and fertil
The reason why we felt we needed to write a blog post about "The Truth About Sod Webworms" is because of some misleading advertisments from local garden centers encouraging customers to buy insectides to combat sod webworms based on inaccurate information.   Seeing pale brown moths flying out of your grass is not a tell tale sign of sod webwor
This is the time of year where we start getting calls from homeowners asking us to stop by and see why patches of their Michigan lawn is dead or torn up by some type of animal. Well, the damage is almost always caused by grubs. Grubs feed on the roots of your grass until the grass plant dies. Lawns that are torn up are caused by skunks or even turk
I would have to say that crabgrass probably ranks number #1 as the most vilified weed/pest in Michigan lawns. Dandelions are a problem, but they tend to be easily controlled with simple weed control applications. Crabgrass on the other hand is a problem that isn't necessarily easy to solve. Here are some pointers to help you solve a crabgrass probl
Here is a list of 3 things you can do for your lawn right now to help it ease into Spring... Rake your lawn. Raking your lawn can be beneficial in several different ways. You may have areas of snow mold damage. While not permanent, raking these areas will help your lawn recover faster. Another reason to rake would be to remove dead grass from areas
Core aeration is a process that removes thousands of plugs of soil from your lawn. These soil plugs are usually 1-3" long. Core aeration is done with a core aerator machine. Core aerators have hollow tines arranged around shaft or drum. As the machine moves across a lawn, hollow core aeration tines penetrate the soil and extracts plugs of soil.
We starting to get some phone calls about little tunnels running across people's lawns. In some cases, these tunnels are pretty extensive and look terrible.
Spring officially starts in a couple of days!!! Awesome!!! Except for the freezing cold temperatures and the snow coming down. Oh well. It's Michigan. Spring will come eventually so you might want to plan ahead a little bit if you are planning on thickening up thin areas of your lawn.
We have already had a number of questions from customers about lawn damage from voles. Here in West Michigan, February was a heavy snow month and the snow is just starting to melt away. This heavy snow cover tends to enhance damage from voles (field mice).
This is a picture of our Deep Tine Aerator in action. Deep tine aeration is a sports field specific service that reduces compaction deep into the soil profile, improves drainage & breaks up soil layering.
This is typical vole damage seen in the Spring afterthe snow has melted away. It is very common for us to receive calls from concerned homeowners about vole damage this time of year.
There seems to be a lot of mole activity this year. Mostly due to the mild winter. If you want to make your lawn a "No Mole Zone", call our office and request an estimate. Our mole control program works great!
Earth Wise Soil Conditioner is available exclusively at AAA Lawn Care, Inc. We formulated this unique blend of Organic Soil Conditioner and Micro Nutrients to meet the needs of West Michigan soils.
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