As the long Michigan winter winds down and spring finally approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your lawn. Because of favorable growing conditions and mild temperatures, spring and fall are the most important seasons for lawn care. Contrary to what many think, summer is not the prime season for a lawn because due to the heat, grass and other plants are focused more on survival, not growth.

That makes it all the more important that your lawn gets off to a great start in the spring. So here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about spring lawn care.

#1. Grass Needs Time To Dry Out

When the snow melts, it’s tempting to get out there and run and play in the grass. However, the ground and grass are going to be soggy for a while, and foot traffic on them can cause damage. Before anyone goes out to enjoy the newly revealed grass, give the soil time to dry out. Core Aeration, which pokes “holes” in the lawn and clears debris so sunlight, water, and other nutrients can penetrate the soil better, is a way to speed this process.

Learn more about Core Aeration:

#2. Cutting Too High or Too Low Can Cause Harm

People sometimes grass really low because they think this will mean they can mow less frequently. This is a mistake; grass cut too low is susceptible to damage from heat, drought, insects, and disease.

Others think it’s okay to leave grass high because it will be lusher, but this is a mistake as well. When left too high, grass can become excessively moist, and it can thin out because not enough nutrients are penetrating to the roots.

Most grasses in Western Michigan should be cut to between 2 ½ and 4”.

#3. Planting Late Is a Mistake

While summer might be the favorite season of many a Michigander, it’s one of the biggest stresses to a Michigan lawn. Hot, dry conditions pose a challenge even to the healthiest grass, and younger grass that isn’t as established is at considerable risk. If you’re going to plant grass in the spring, plant and fertilize it early so it has the most time possible to get strong ahead of summer.

#4. Late August Is Actually the Best Time To Reseed

Perhaps because of spring’s symbolic status as a time of renewal and rebirth, a lot of people think it’s the prime time to plant new grass. While you can reseed in the spring, and you might have to if you find bare or thin patches, late August is actually the best time for it.

Let Your Lawn Thrive with AAA Lawn Care

Since 1984, AAA Lawn Care has been providing the best lawn care in Western Michigan. We’re a locally owned company providing a full range of environmentally conscious lawn care services including maintenance, weed and pest control, soil testing, and more. We have plans and services tailored to all budgets and needs, so if you’re looking to get an estimate or learn more about how we can help you, contact us now!

At AAA Lawn Care, we provide the highest quality of seasonal lawn care services in Michigan. We take care of all of your lawn’s needs at the right time, to ensure your lawn stays strong and healthy year-round. Contact us to set up your seasonal lawn care.

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