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Choose between several different deep tine aeration services that help prevent soil compaction on sports fields. See below for more information. No gimmicks here! Each application includes our exclusive Earth Wise granular organic-based. Call AAA Lawn Care today or request an estimate online.

Deep Tine Aeration Service

Deep Tine Aeration breaks up soil layering, creates drainage channels for better water infiltration, and helps prevent soil compaction.

The Deep Tine Aeration Process

Deep tine aeration creates a deeper channel than regular aeration, usually created with a solid tine instead of a hollow which removes a plug from the turf. These channels allow air to penetrate the soil providing the plant roots the required oxygen needed to thrive and grow. As new roots develop, they enter the deep tine channels and are able to extend further into the surrounding soil for a stronger hold. This deep root system creates healthy plants, which helps them survive periods of drought.

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