Choose between several different lawn care services that keep your lawn in tip-top shape all year round. From core aeration to lawn fertilization, AAA Lawn Care has the tools to get the job done.  Call AAA Lawn Care today or request an estimate online.

Residential Lawn Care Service in Grand Rapids, MI

Choose between several different lawn fertilization services. See below for more information. No gimmicks here! Each application includes our exclusive Earth Wise granular organic-based fertilizer AND liquid weed control.

What’s Included in Each Service Visit?

A licensed technician will spread Earth Wise granular organic-based fertilizer AND spray liquid weed control for broadleaf weeds. Our Spring application includes crabgrass pre-emergent. If crabgrass or nutsedge appears during the summer, we will spray it at no additional charge within our “Clean & Green” Guarantee guidelines outlined below.  We will also check for insect damage and turf disease and communicate to your what needs to happen to take care of it.

Our Guarantee

“Clean & Green” Guarantee (lawn care program customers only). Our guarantee to you…if the weeds don’t die or your lawn does not green up at any time within 30 days of an application, just contact us and we will return at no additional cost.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our exclusive Earth Wise organic-based fertilization program. No additional charge.
  • “Clean & Green” guarantee
  • Weed control at EVERY visit
  • Highly trained, licensed technicians
  • Locally Owned

Residential Lawn Care Services for Michigan

As you well know, the Michigan winter can be long and harsh. When spring rolls around it’s important to get your lawn off to a great start. With residential lawn care from AAA, you can create a strong and healthy lawn going into the fall, to prepare your lawn for the next onslaught of winter and for renewed strong growth the coming spring.
Residential lawn care is about more than just cutting grass. Maintaining your lawn can take up a lot of your time, time you’d rather spend doing something else. Entrusting your residential lawn care to a trusted, certified expert like AAA Lawn Care saves you time and money and gives you peace of mind knowing your lawn is in good hands.

Our Michigan Residential Lawn Care Services

  • Fertilization and Weed Control: Grass needs nutrients to thrive, and nutrients don’t occur in sufficient quantities in most lawns. Fertilization in spring, fall, and other select times provides grass the nutrients it needs and is an essential part of your Michigan lawn care routine. Thick, healthy grass is the best protection against weeds and pests, but we also provide pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass and liquid weed control for post-emergent nuisances such as dandelions. Because the best times for weed control and fertilization often overlap, we make sure to get it right so that the weed control treatments aren’t also inhibiting or killing the growth you actually want
  • Core Aeration: There’s a layer between the top of grass blades and the soil called the thatch, and dead organic debris accumulates there. When the thatch gets too dense, it can prevent water, sunlight, and other nutrients from reaching the grass roots, weakening or killing your grass. Core aeration creates small, temporary “holes” in your lawn to manage the thatch and also “churn” the soil. Fertilization, weed control, and core aeration are the essential parts of building and maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn.
  • Grub Control: Grubs themselves are not much of a problem, but in their larval form, they can be a big problem, and they can do a lot of damage fast. The larvae live beneath the soil where you can’t see them and eat the roots of your grass. Areas they’ve damaged look a lot like areas harmed by drought, so sometimes people misdiagnose the problem and apply the wrong remedy. We know the signs of grubs and how to confirm if you have grub damage, and then we use a preventative pesticide that keeps adults from laying more eggs in your lawn. Basically, we stop the cycle.
  • Mole Control: Moles love eating grubs in their larval form. Sounds great, right? Actually, it’s not so great for a couple of reasons. Earthworms make up far more of a mole’s diet than grubs do, so pesticides that target grubs don’t mean that moles will go elsewhere for food. Also, as moles go about seeking food, they dig into the lawn, leaving ugly piles of dirt behind as they do. Moles are tough to get rid of as well. There’s a place for moles, but your yard isn’t it. Our mole control service will remove moles from your lawn.
  • Soil Testing: Sometimes, before lawn care begins, it’s a good idea to test the soil to see how healthy it is and if there are any toxins or deficiencies in it. This can especially be the case when you first move in or if your grass is underperforming despite your best efforts. We’ll perform a professional, science-based test, ideally a month or two before planting time, which provides a good window to develop the right plan for your lawn.
  • Lime/Gypsum Applications: Lime can improve the pH balance in soil, and gypsum can add nutrients such as calcium and sulfur, the latter of which we have found to be under abundant in Western Michigan soils. After testing your soil, we can determine if your lawn would benefit from lime and/or gypsum, and how much is needed.
  • EarthWise Soil Conditioner: This is AAA’s unique blend that delivers a multi-vitamin boost to your lawn. It’s biodegradable, reduces root disease, improves root growth, and means less monthly maintenance as well.

Our Michigan Residential Lawn Care Service Packages

To meet our customers’ needs, we have a variety of different lawn care programs. Each provides everything you need for a great-looking lawn, and each currently offers either your first application or a preventative grub treatment for free.
We also realize that every lawn is different, so we offer customized residential lawn care packages as well so you can have a plan that’s perfect for you.
For the best Michigan residential lawn care, AAA has you covered. Have questions or are interested in an estimate? Just contact us today!


100% Certified Technicians

AAA Lawn Care is West Michigan’s premier lawncare company servicing the area for over 40 years. 


Lawn Care Package Options

Check out three of our most popular lawn care programs. Each has a list of what is included with our service. Please remember that we can completely customize a program just for you. The best way to find out what program fits your needs is to request an estimate. The lawn technician that services your area will physically walk your lawn to get a feel for what it needs and make recommendations. He will then follow up with you to discuss your lawn, answer any questions that you may have and find the best program for your lawn.

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