Choose between several different lawn fertilization services to help aid in sports turf drainage. See below for more information. No gimmicks here! Each application includes our exclusive Earth Wise granular organic-based. Call AAA Lawn Care today or request an estimate online.

Top Dressing Service

Topdressing is a sand or soil mix spread on the grass. The term topdressing also is used for the process of spreading the material.

Topdressing Purposes

Topdressing materials are evenly spread thinly on the grass for a many purposes. Topdressing can be used for smoothing a grass surface. It can be used following seeding, over-seeding or sprigging to protect the developing plants from damage during the initial growing process. It also can be used on open, windswept turf-grass to help avoid winter degradation or erosion.

Topdressing is often applied after core aeration. The material fall in the holes opened by the aeration process which speeds turf-grass recovery.

Topdressing aids in drainage, surface stability, thatch control, and leveling the playing field. We use only the finest topdressing materials that are manufactured for sports lawn maintenance to strict specifications to get your field in tip top shape. Call us about getting your sports field leveled.

Additional Sports
Turf Services

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Finally! We are excited to continue lawn fertilization & weed control applications.

Please be patient with us. We will complete all of our Spring applications before the end of May.