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Choose between several different lime/gypsum application services, including lawn care lime application and gypsum for lawn, to help increase your soil’s overall health. See below for more information about our lime and gypsum treatments. No gimmicks here! Each application includes our exclusive Earth Wise granular organic-based. Call AAA Lawn Care today or request an estimate online.

Lime & Gypsum Lawn Applications

Lime and gypsum applications, including gypsum for lawn and lawn care lime application, have been utilized for years due to their ability to enhance soil conditions. Lime applications to soil increase the soil’s pH, which helps plants and grass flourish. Low soil pH is often the underlying problem of dead lawns and gardens. But recently, traditional lime lawn applications have been switched to gypsum applications. Why?


Benefits of Lime and Gypsum

  • The main benefit we were after in applying lime was calcium.  Gypsum is high in calcium plus sulfur.
  • Lime applications will raise the ph in your soil. Gypsum for lawn will not alter pH levels. Most soil tests we have done in the West Michigan area show ph levels being high enough.
  • Sulfur is a nutrient that is on the low side in the majority of soil tests we have done.
  • We are getting a color response from gypsum where that would not happen with lime.  At least not immediately.
  • Gypsum is a great soil conditioner for heavy soils, improving their structure and nutrient uptake without altering pH, making it a preferred option in many lawn care lime applications.


Lime is still a product we will use because of its benefits in increasing a soils pH and keeping lawns healthy.  Where a soil test has been done or on a site where we know the ph is going to be too low we will use lime.  Indications that the soil is acidic (low pH) would be…


  • Sandy Soil
  • Moss growing in full sun areas
  • The weed “red sorrel” is an indicator of low pH
  • Subdivisions that were previously blueberry fields or are near them may have a low pH level.

The AAA Lawn Care lime and gypsum applications will reinvigorate your lawn, with the lime working to increase pH, and the gypsum adding high levels of calcium and sulfur. This lawn care lime application ensures that your lawn remains lush and vibrant. The combination of both the lime and gypsum for the lawn leaves your lawn filled with nutrients and improved soil structure. Request an estimate below to find out what a lime/gypsum lawn application will cost you.


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