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Choose between several different Earth Wise soil conditioner services. See below for more information. Each application includes our exclusive and organic Earth Wise granular base. Call AAA Lawn Care today or request an estimate online.

Earth Wise Soil Conditioner

Earth Wise Soil Conditioner is a unique blend of Organic Soil Conditioner and Micro Nutrients to meet the needs of West Michigan soils that is exclusive to AAA Lawn Care Think of this service as a multi-vitamin package for your lawn that combines the benefits of both organic & synthetic fertilizers into one product. Healthier lawns have less insects, disease, and weed problems. You will also notice a nice color response from this special nutrient blend. Get ready to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood!


The Earth Wise Soil Conditioner process consists of initial soil testing, then lawn application occurring approximately 5 weeks apart. Because Earth Wise is an organic lawn fertilizer it delivers amazing benefits to your lawn such as:

  • Increased color response
  • Reduced turf disease
  • Root growth improvement
  • Biodegradable
  • Reduced monthly maintenance

Special fertilizer isn’t the only reason that AAA Lawn Care has become “Earth Wise”! We are the first and only lawn care company to achieve Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Certification.  This helps us continue to be a leader in environmental and pollution prevention practices. We hope this provides you with peace of mind regarding the integrity and direction of your lawn care service.

Ask for Earth Wise Soil Conditioner to be a part of your lawn care program today. The cost per application is based on the square footage of your lawn. Request an estimate!


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