Mosquito & Tick Control Programs that work!  See below for more information. No gimmicks here! Call AAA Lawn Care today or request an estimate online.

Mosquito & Tick Control

AAA Lawn Care offers the best Mosquito & Tick Control Application System in Grand Rapids and West Michigan that eliminates and controls mosquitos & ticks around your home. Here’s how we do it…

Backyard Mosquito & Tick Control

Call us today to get your West Michigan lawn treated with our Mosquito & Tick Control Program for your front or backyard. Our technicians use specialized equipment in order to control those pesky mosquitoes and ticks.

Our mosquito & tick control applications include yards and wood lines to effectively eliminate these pests. AAA Lawn Care is one of – if not the best – top ranking mosquito & tick control company in Grand Rapids. Call or contact us today to speak with an educated representative to schedule your yard’s pest control today!

Mosquito & Tick Free Lawns

Our approach to mosquito & tick control incorporates the best possible tools and strategies to provide a pest-free environment all season long. Using specialized equipment, your technician will spray all appropriate mosquito & tick habitat and hiding areas. These include surrounding woods, landscape plants, bushes, lawn areas, etc. We do a thorough job and take the necessary time to do the job right. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your Grand Rapids lawn treated with our Mosquito & Tick Control Program for your front or backyard. Our technicians are certified in lawn care and use the best available products in order to remove mosquitos & ticks from your yard.

If you are having an outdoor party or get together and would like to control mosquitoes & ticks in your yard please plan ahead and schedule your mosquito & tick control program early in the year.


Our mosquito & tick control program is comprised of 5 or 6 separate applications. Each application will be scheduled approximately three weeks apart in order to allow the application to have the appropriate time to work. These applications will kill ticks, fleas, and mosquitos already residing in your yard, as well as help prevent any new ticks from hatching within the treated areas.

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100% Certified Technicians

AAA Lawn Care is West Michigan’s premier lawncare company servicing the area for over 40 years. 


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