“The lawn was damaged and fixed the next day. Great customer service!” Mrs. Engel, Greenville

“Thank you to my tech for his visit to check out my lawn when I was concerned about brown streaks after the last treatment. He spent a lot of time talking to me about what could be going on. He was very generous with his time and that is very much appreciated.” Mrs. Sparks, Grand Rapids

“My technician went above and beyond my expectations and did an exceptional job. He was very thorough with his explanations. He is the reason we will be using AAA Lawn Care next year!” Mr. Jones, Spring Lake

“You have been stellar in service and a professional through and through…Thank you for another great year of servicing our lawn!” Mr. Shalda, Rockford

“Wow! Excellent job well done. Thank you!” Mr. & Mrs. Hazekamp, Norton Shores

“My technician was so fast responding to my weed service call and walked around with me and was so polite. He did a good job.” Mrs. Bird, Spring Lake

“My technician did an awesome job!” Mrs. Meyer, Marne

“My technician is an outstanding employee. He takes perfect care of my lawn and goes the extra mile to make sure I understand everything that he did that day. He does the little things like blow the driveway off and hit extra weeds to make sure we are happy. EH would make a great manager as his work ethic is how everyone should work.” Mr. Deveraux, Grand Rapids

“The bug technicians were so nice and accommodating and I appreciate the job that they do.” Mrs. Boerigter, Holland

“My lawn is looking great and that’s all because of the work you’ve done. Keep up the good work!” Mrs. Robinson, Spring Lake

“My technician has been outstanding to work with this season. He answered all my questions, he was very professional, and he does a great job!” Mr. Bearss, Grand Rapids

“The lawn is looking great. Big thanks to my technician! He is an excellent representative of your company!” Mr. Ortquist, Muskegon

“My technician always does a nice job telling me what service was done and what changes he noticed. Thank you for taking such good care of my lawn.” Mrs. Kruse, Holland

“My technician is just wonderful. He does such a good job with my bug guard- for the first year ever I am not having to call anyone back for my ants! Keep up the great work!” Mrs. Noble, Holland

“My mowers think you do a great job- my lawn has been very pretty. Thanks!” Mrs. Koetje, Grand Rapids

“I am very pleased with my technician!” Mr. Hoeksema, Grand Rapids

“My technician does a great job!” Mr. Monroe, Muskegon Heights

“I am very happy with AAA Lawn Care! The technicians have been so kind to me, the lawn has never looked better, I am happy with my aeration, and the mosquito and tick program is AWESOME! Great job guys!” Mr. Dawson, Grand Rapids

“Thank you for taking care of the bugs!” Mr. & Mrs. Keegstra, Conklin

“Thank you for your terrific customer service and such a thoughtful, sweet message! We greatly appreciate your help in keeping our home/yard free of excess bugs!” Mrs. Stoll, Ada

“Awesome job! Hopefully next year the grass will be lush and wonderful!” Mr. Stoltz, Grand Rapids

“Fantastic! Keep up the good work!” Mr. Schaefer, Muskegon