“My technician does a great job!” Mr. Tobin, Comstock Park

“My technician is such a nice man and one of the reasons I stay with AAA. He always takes his time!” Mrs. Humphries, Comstock Park

“Great service! My technician is the best!” Mrs. Sweeney, Comstock Park

“My technician is a very nice, patient, and kind young man. He thoroughly explained the services with me and even helped me carry a table onto my patio area!” Mrs. Carrithers, Comstock Park

“My technician has been great so far this year!” Mr. Fowler, Grand Rapids

“I really appreciate that my technician took the time to spot spray and paid attention to the edges of my property!” Mrs. Hinsley, Grand Rapids

“I appreciated that the technician took the time to talk with me about my backyard. He represents the company well!” Mrs. Spaulding, Grand Rapids

“My technician is a very nice and kind young man. I am glad he is my technician!” Mrs. Zylstra, Kentwood

“My technician has been so helpful with recommendations on re-seeding and getting rid of my moss!” Mrs. Tomaszewski, Grand Rapids

“My technician is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable!” Ms. Scott, Grand Rapids

My technician did a great job at my last application!” Mr. Fuhs, Grand Rapids

My technician did the best job at my last application and took his time blowing the fertilizer off of my driveway.” Mr. Garcia, Wyoming

“My technician is a sweet young man. He is one of the nicest service people we have had at our home!” Mrs. Timmer, Grandville

“I was very impressed with my technician’s effort to investigate my lawn issues. He got down on his hands and knees to check the lawn and do a good job!” Mr. Vanderende, Wyoming

“My technician is very professional and courteous! He is an excellent representation of AAA and I couldn’t ask for a better tech!” Mrs. Reeds, Grand Rapids

“My technician is a very nice man!” Mrs. Feenstra, Grand Haven

“My technician did a great job the last two years and I am happy he is my technician again this year.” Mr. Baumgardner, Spring Lake

“My technician was friendly and did a great job at my last application. I am happy with my service so far!” Mr. King, Spring Lake

“Thank you to my technician for bringing the garbage and recycling cans up our crazy steep driveway!” Mr. Moulds, Rockford

“Their Customer Service skills are exceptional with the quick service!!!” Mrs. Cole, Muskegon

“My technician did a great job! Much appreciated.” Mr. & Mrs. Kamyszek

“Thank you to my technician for stopping to explain the situation with my lawn!” Mrs. Strohpaul, Grand Rapids

“My technician is wonderful! He is very professional and thorough.” Mrs. Blomquist, Grand Haven

“My technician is a very nice man. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable he was. I also appreciate his service for our country.” Mr. Johnson, Byron Center

“Gosh I love it when my technician shows up on my lawn! He always has the best feedback and treats my lawn great!” Mr. Chicklon, Grand Rapids

“Thank you for treating at my property line! That additional effort on your part is awesome and very appreciated.” Mrs. Downer, Grand Rapids

“My technician was very helpful when explaining the application.” Mr. Hoeksema, Grand Rapids

“My technician did an awesome job on the lawn. I could tell he took extra time to make sure it looked good.” Mrs. Hooper, Rockford

“My technician is a great employee as he always calls ahead, explains things in a very friendly and patient manner, plus he does great work!” Mr. Chappell, Grand Haven

“My technician is awesome! He helped me bag leaves while waiting to aerate. I am so grateful for the help!” Mrs. Jaquith, North Muskegon

“My technician is polite and professional.” Mrs. Luidens, Hudsonville