“Ryan is great. Upbeat, friendly, and smart. Especially about the grubs. I hope he is assigned to us for the rest of the season!”-Mr. Kuzdal-Grandville “Matt was out this week earlier, and did a really great job. I am very happy.”- Mrs. Senior-Holland “Thanks Terry, the lawn is looking much better!”- Mrs. Briggs-Muskegon “Keith helped us with branc
“Tell Ryan he is doing a great job! The yard looks nice.” – Mr. Chambers, Comstock Park "Brother helps her with the lawn and had nothing but good things to say about you! He said, “I just want to compliment Eddie-he really knows what he’s talking about! He was very helpful, very pleasant. He’s a keeper.” Mrs. Tindle- Grand Rapids “Random question.
“I am really happy that Nathan took the time to blow off the driveway from the granules. I really like the tech I have this year!” -Mrs. Blelecki-Grand Rapids “Jim does a great job with our lawn care!” – Mr. Denker-Ada “I have already noticed a big difference with Bug Guard Spider & Bug Control thanks to Paul, and I love it! Taylor, my yard loo
Drought stress is a term those of us in the lawn care industry use to describe symptoms seen in lawns due to lack of water.  There are three basic stages of drought stress: The 1 st Stage: The grass plant starts to change color from green to a matte gray color.  Also, your grass appearance will go from lush to more of a dried-out look.  During this
“Eddie is very courteous and helpful with the last fertilization & weed control application; the backyard looks wonderful after applying 14-14-14.” -Mr. Mockabee- Grand Rapids “I really appreciate Nate spraying the weeds in my lawn when he was there for the neighbor’s yard. It was great that he took the initiative to do it without me asking. Th
“Matt, I really appreciate you, you do a great job with our lawn care program.” -Mrs. Berrhurst-Hamilton “You are the first person ever to get my crabgrass under control. I am amazed at how great the lawn looks, it’s the best that’s its ever looked since I’ve lived here and it keeps getting better.” Mr. Rand- Ada “I just wanted to drop a note and t
Mowing Tips for your West Michigan lawn. AAA Lawn Care’s services such as fertilizer and weed control are just one aspect of a healthy, well-maintained lawn. Mowing at the right height and frequency is one of the key things you can do to help keep your lawn healthy and take the benefits of your lawn care program even further.  Mowing correctly mean
“Brian provides excellent service! He took the time and effort to take down a wasp’s nest that has been an eye sore from the peak of our roof.  We love your pest control service!”- Mrs. Anderson, Tun-Dra Kennels-Nunica “Thank you, Paul, Kallie & Lacey thank you too!” – Mrs. Bloom-Sparta “Joe, thank you so much for coming out and speaking to us.
The general consensus is that 2017 is going to be a terrible year for ticks in West Michigan.  There are three common types of ticks in West Michigan.  Blacklegged Ticks (Deer Ticks), American Dog Ticks (Wood Ticks) and Lone Star Ticks.  Ticks are commonly found in long grasses, brushes, wooded areas, leaf litter, etc.   If you happen to get bit by
“JD does an Amazing Job killing weeds” Mr. Said. - Mr. Gaskin – Spring Lake “He is very persistent with the mole control applications. We love having him as our tech,” Mr. Said – Mr. McDonald – Grand Rapids “I really appreciated Trevor removing the large branches from my lawn today when he did the application,” Mrs. Said – Mrs. Wiegmink-Muskeg
The National Association of Landscape Professionals was curious about how well Americans know their lawns.  Here’s what they found: Over 3 in 4 adults in the U.S. have a home with a lawn or landscape 94% of those had landscape services done at their home in the past year 81% said they did some of their own work 44% said they had a professional
“JD does such an excellent job with the lawn, when I heard about the atta boy board, I had to give him one.”  - Mrs. Ewing- Spring Lake “John was very nice & professional.” - Mr. Danielson- Grand Rapids “His lawn looks way better than when he DIY’d. Said Dan deserves a pat on the back.” – Mr. Karbowski-Grand Haven “Mrs. Wanted to make sure
The National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a study about the importance of lawns to Americans. They found that the majority of those polled not only want a beautiful lawn but want to be able to spend time enjoying it!  Where do you fall? Overall, 84% of Americans find it important to have a well-maintained lawn 87% of Midwes
Your lawn gives you a great place to relax and spend time with your family.  But there is a lot more to lawns than meets the eye!  According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, lawns can also: Create oxygen : The International Society of Aborculture found that one acre of grass creates more oxygen than an acre of rainf
In celebration of April as National Lawn Care Month, here are some interesting facts from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP): A 50 by 50 foot lawn can release enough oxygen for a family of four. Turfgrass holds soil well and filters rainwater due to it’s fibrous roots. Just one grass plant can have over 300 miles of roots! S
Having grubs in your lawn can be very frustrating.  Damage usually occurs quickly.  It's unsightly.  Sometimes damage from grubs can be amplified by a hungry skunk peeling up your lawn to get a late night grub snack.  If your lawn has a grub infestation , solving the problem doesn't have to be complicated.  Here is some hel
We are proud to announce that AAA Lawn Care has been yet again awarded the Macatawa Watershed Project Lawn Care Seal of Approval.  AAA Lawn Care has provided lawn care services in Kent, Ottawa & Muskegon counties for over 30 years.  We specialize in lawn fertilization & weed control programs & outdoor pest control. To rec
AAA Lawn Care’s organic-based fertilizer program is called “Earth Wise”.  This program is a conscious effort to further reduce our footprint on the environment and to be as green as possible while still providing a beautiful lawn.  The Earth Wise system combines the benefits of both organic & synthetic fertilizers into one product.&nb
Spring has arrived!  For AAA Lawn Care that means more calls about vole damage in Grand Rapids lawns.  Voles, often called field mice, are small rodents that resemble a mouse but a stouter and shorter.  They are plant-eaters that primarily feed on grass and perennial-flower roots.  Vole damage looks like little trails or su
AAA Lawn Care technicians are seeing some lawns with signs of snow mold.  Snow mold diseases are caused by cold-tolerant fungi that grow at near freezing temperatures.  Wet, heavy snow on top of unfrozen ground provides good conditions for snow mold development.  It can also be active in the spring during cold, wet days (even after t
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