If you have lawn damage that looks like this, then you probably have a skunk for a neighbor…

Every year we get calls from people who wake up one morning to find that their once beautiful lawn has been torn to shreds.  The damage looks like little holes have been dug everywhere or small patches of turf have been peeled away from the soil.  The lawn damage looks terrible.  What could have possible done this?

More than likely your lawn was the scene of a lavish dinner of succulent white grubs for your friendly neighborhood skunk.  Skunks love grubs. They peel back or dig little holes in the turf searching for their dinner.  Damage occurs at night because skunks are nocturnal animals.  Also, skunk damage due to grub problems only really occur in the Spring or Fall.  Those are the two seasons when grubs are active in lawns.

So what do we do?  Regardless of whether or not the skunk ripped up the lawn or not, the lawn was probably going to suffer damage from the grubs anyway.  We would recommend a curative grub control product like Dylox to elimate any grubs in the lawn.  We would also recommend a preventative grub control product be applied in the Summer to prevent further grub infestations.  Take care of grubs, take care of the skunks.  Good Luck!