Keeping your lawn in great shape in Michigan can be a challenge. With the many seasonal changes come a variety of needs that should be met at the right time. Properly maintaining your lawn means knowing what needs to be done and when, as well as finding the right lawn care company to make it happen. With The Ultimate Michigan Lawn Care Treatment Schedule, you can ensure that you have the appropriate services taken care of when they’re needed most. Explore the comprehensive guide to maintaining a lush lawn in Michigan with our Ultimate Michigan Lawn Care Treatment Schedule. Confront the challenges of summer lawn care head-on by adhering to a strategic plan tailored for your region. Uncover the secrets of effective spring lawn care treatment, and discover the power of Michigan fertilizer. Trust in the expertise of a reliable lawn care company to execute these crucial tasks at the optimal times. Elevate your lawn care routine with our tried-and-true schedule for a thriving green space.

Take a walk through the lawn care needed during each season in Michigan.


During those frigid Michigan winters, there isn’t much to do to take care of your lawn. The most important aspect of a lawn that can make it through the winter strong and healthy is regular lawn care during the rest of the year. Everything that you do to care for and maintain your lawn year-round helps it through the cold, often snowy months of winter. When the temperature outside drops below freezing and the ground is covered with snow, your lawn continues to be nourished and taken care of thanks to the lawn care seasonal schedule from AAA Lawn Care. Throughout the year, your lawn should have a lawn care treatment schedule such as fertilization and weed control, mole control, core aeration, grub control, lime/gypsum applications, soil testing, and earth wise soil conditioning, along with other basic maintenance. These things sustain it through the cold of the winter, keeping it strong and healthy.


When it begins to heat up a bit and the snow starts to melt, it’s time to begin spring lawn care treatments. You should begin to see signs of life popping up in your Michigan yard; butterflies, birds, and flowers. You’ll want to get your lawn care treatment schedule set up right away to ensure proper care for the season ahead. In the spring, you’ll want to undergo treatments such as core aeration, as well as fertilization and weed control. These treatments help to wake your lawn up after its winter slumber. Aeration eliminates any soil compaction that occurred during the winter, bringing it back to life and preparing it for the growing season. Fertilization and weed control work together to give your lawn a strong and healthy start. Fertilization provides necessary nutrients that bring health to your lawn as it begins its seasonal growth, while weed control prevents invasive growth that could quickly overtake your yard.


When summer takes center stage and temperatures begin to rise, your lawn’s growth is already in full swing. Hopefully, the steps you took in the spring encouraged your lawn to grow strong and healthy to get through the warmer months. Summer is the time of year when weeds can grow quickly and a variety of insects and rodents abound. It’s important to take action during this time to keep your lawn in great shape and deter those parts of nature that put it at risk. Grub Control is an essential part of taking care of your lawn in the summer. It’s necessary because as things heat up outside, grub larvae begin to grow. The larvae eat the roots of your grass and can end up damaging it if they’re not stopped. Lawn care in the summer requires preventative pesticides that will take care of any grub issues before they cause damage. Mole Control is also important in the summer, although it can be done in the spring or fall as well. As grubs begin to wake and multiply, moles start their feast. Having your lawn treated for a mole infestation will help keep those pesky critters away and ensure your lawn is healthy. Fertilization and weed control need to be done again in the summer to ensure the best results. When it warms up outside, those weeds will start growing like crazy. Keep things at bay throughout the season with at least one more round of weed control, a crucial part of your lawn care seasonal schedule and lawn care treatment schedule to maintain optimal health and appearance.


After the summer, when things start to cool down again and the leaves begin to change color and fall, you’ll want to do a few things to your lawn before the downtime of winter. Soil Testing should be done in the fall. Checking the soil during harvest time gives the best look at its health and condition. It also alerts to any applications or conditioning that need to be taken care of before it rests for the winter. Lime/Gypsum Applications and Earth Wise Soil Conditioning are best done before the lawn lies dormant. Soil testing will alert us to any applications or conditioning that your lawn care treatment needs in order to wake up healthy in the spring. Make sure and have these applied in the fall before the first snow comes down, as part of your lawn care seasonal schedule and lawn care treatment schedule.

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