Michigan weather can be drastic, ranging from intense heat in the summer to a deep cold in the heart of winter. If you have a lawn that you want to keep healthy and looking great throughout the different seasons of the year, you need to learn about the best lawn care schedule.

The best care for your lawn includes various maintenance and treatments that should be applied at different points of the year. Fertilization, weed control, aeration, and other types of care can help your lawn persevere throughout the year, no matter the weather.

Following a proven lawn care schedule will help ensure the health of your lawn. Here’s what you need to know about the most effective annual lawn care:

Seasonal Lawn Treatments

There are multiple lawn treatments that you will want to use in your yard. Each treatment should be applied at various points of the year, enabling them to work seamlessly together to create a strong and great-looking lawn.

Each season you should expect to apply treatments that will help your lawn flourish despite potentially inclement weather. Different treatments are applied during the right seasons, ensuring the best chance of effectiveness.

Lawn Treatments During Spring

With spring comes birds, flowers, gardens, sunshine, butterflies, and more. It’s a time of new life and new beginnings. For most people, spring feels fresh and clean.

Your spring lawn is ready to sprout back to life after the cold, dark Michigan winter. Preparing it for the new weather and growth requires treatments and care that ensure it grows strong and powerful, without barriers.

Most of these essential spring treatments can be applied by AAA Lawn Care. Providing high-quality care for lawns in Michigan, AAA Lawn Care has the most effective lawn care treatments around, including:

● Pre-Emergent Weed Control Treatment for Crabgrass

When things start to grow again in the spring, the last thing you want to start growing is crabgrass. Once crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds begin to grow in a yard, they quickly take over and wreak havoc. Stop the weed growth before it begins with AAA Lawn Care’s pre-emergent weed control.

● Aeration

Aerating your lawn is essential. While not everyone gets aeration treatment done on their lawn in the spring, you may find it useful after the cold, snowy winter. AAA Lawn Care offers aeration services to remedy compaction of the soil that took place over the long winter.

● Slow-Release Fertilizer

When your lawn begins to grow again it needs many nutrients that it’s lacking after the winter. Slow-release fertilizer gives your lawn a strong and steady flow of nutrients that provides health to the recently dormant grass.

Lawn Care Treatments During Summer

Summertime in Michigan is amazing, but it’s important to be intentional about keeping your lawn healthy and alive. As things heat up outside, weeds and critters abound. There are many things happening in the summer that could damage your lawn. With summer lawn care from AAA Lawn Care, you can keep your lawn flourishing through the hot months.

● Slow-Release Fertilizer and Weed Control

Yes, you just had AAA apply slow-release fertilizer and weed control in the spring. Well, you want to do it again a couple of times when summer arrives. The sudden heat causes a burst of growth, which means you need to prevent weeds and give your grass the nutrients it needs.

● Preventative Grub Control

When the heat arrives, grub larva begins to multiply and feast on the roots of your grass. They are able to do a whole lot of damage very quickly, making it look like you have a drought-devastated lawn. AAA Lawn Care is able to prevent grubs with a preventative pesticide that nips the grub problem in the bud.

● Curative Grub Treatment (if necessary)

AAA Lawn Care will ensure that no grubs have hatched after the preventative treatment. If any did make it, your lawn will receive a curative grub treatment to get rid of them and keep your lawn healthy.

Lawn Care Treatment During Fall

After the heat of the summer, temperatures begin to drop a bit. The wind picks up, the leaves start to fall, and all around the state, 20 year old women pull out their cardigans and start drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

Treating your lawn in the fall is important. It needs specific care in order to ready it for the cooler temperatures and the coming winter.


While it only needs to be done once a year, aeration is an important treatment for your lawn. Aeration helps to ensure that your grass will get the nutrients it needs for proper growth and health throughout the year. If you did not have your lawn aerated in the spring, the fall is your time. AAA Lawn Care will aerate your lawn in early fall to keep it healthy through the year.


Overseeding when the lawn is aerated is important. The holes made by aeration are perfect for seeding and allowing deep roots to be established, readying the lawn for new growth come spring.

● Slow-Release Fertilizer and Weed Control

Once again, your lawn will need another round of fertilizer and weed control. This combination keeps the lawn happy and healthy through the fall.

Your Lawn in the Michigan Winter

When winter finally arrives, your yard is ready to be covered by snow. This is the time when things lie fallow. You won’t be having treatments applied during this season.

The good news is, all of the treatments that you or AAA Lawn Care have applied to your lawn throughout the year have ensured that it will be safe and healthy during the winter. To keep your lawn healthy during the cold, snowy weather, follow the best Michigan lawn care schedule from AAA Lawn Care.

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