Knowing the latest seeding tips can be hard to find online. It’s in your best interest to contact a seeding expert like AAA if you have any questions. This outline however is designed to help you establish new turf with minimal effort and maximum results.


Spring and Fall are the best times to grow grass because of the cool weather and increased rainfall.  Although it’s possible to seed anytime during the Summer, it is much more difficult due to warm temperatures, lack of rainfall, and increased weed competition.


Select a blend based on whether you have a sunny or shady area. Remember, even a shady blend requires several hours of direct sunlight to be healthy and vigorous. Your lawn may require some of each blend.


Don’t buy cheap seed! Go to a reputable garden center and get the best they have. Otherwise, you will be unhappy for a long time with the results.


Good seed to soil contact is required for good germination. This means that the seed needs to be buried in the soil no deeper than 1/2″. How do you accomplish this?

A. In an existing lawn that has a few small areas, a steel rake can be used to loosen the top of 1/2 of soil. Pepper the area with seed-then lightly rake again so the seed is mixed into this top 1/2  of soil. If necessary, you may want to buy a couple of bags of topsoil along with the seed.

B. On larger areas, overseeders are available for rent at local equipment rental stores. Overseeders are designed to loosen the soil surface without removing the good turf that may be present. Run the overseeder in one direction. Broadcast the seed on top. Run the overseeder again on an angle to the first direction. The second pass mixes the seed into the loosened soil.

Warning – New seed needs to be kept damp, not soaked. This generally means watering 10 minutes two times per day. Add to the time if the weather is hot and dry. After the new seedlings are 1″ tall, water one time per day only. We suggest early morning watering whenever possible.


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