We are proud to announce that AAA Lawn Care has been yet again awarded the Macatawa Watershed Project Lawn Care Seal of Approval.  AAA Lawn Care has provided lawn care services in Kent, Ottawa & Muskegon counties for over 40 years.  We specialize in lawn fertilization & weed control programs & outdoor pest control.

To receive the Seal of Approval, a lawn care or landscaping company must commit to following these criteria:

  1. The company observes the Michigan Fertilizer Act in regards to the use of fertilizers and best practices that must beused when applying fertilizers.
  2. Prior to applying fertilizer, the size of the lawn is measured to ensure the correct amount of fertilizer is applied.
  3. Grass is cut no shorter than three inches.
  4. All grass clippings and fertilizer are swept or blown off of impervious surfaces back into lawns to prevent runoff to storm drains. Every attempt is made to keep grass clippings from directly entering surface water bodies such as drains, streams and lakes.
  5. Mulching is preferred, but if grass clippings are taken off site, they are stored and composted properly in an area that is not susceptible to runoff.
  6. The company makes customers aware of best management practices for water quality (i.e. native plant use, waterfront landscaping).
  7. The company makes an effort to be aware of potential non-native invasive plant species, monitor for them and make clients aware when they are present on their property.
  8. In the case that the resident participates in the maintenance of their lawn, a schedule for watering and mowing is provided by the company.
  9. The company must maintain current certifications and/or licenses with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development