“Jake is by far one of the nicest & polite young men I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk with on my property!” – Mrs. Massengill – Holland, MI

“Jacob is doing a great job! My lawn looks really nice” – Mr. Wallace – Holland, Mi

“Excellent service, both lawn and bug guard!” – Mrs. Kurek, Grand Rapids, mi

“Lawn is looking great – Tell him {Jake} Thank you!” – Mr. Galloway – Holland Mi

“Very Professional” – Mr. Thomas – Byron Center, MI

“Nate seems very pleasant. He does a good job” -Mr. Miller – Wyoming, Mi

“Love the comments on what was done and what we could do to help our lawn looking great. Thank you” – Mrs. Perez – Wyoming, Mi

“Brody does a great job” – Mrs. Lankford – Muskegon, Mi

“thank you for the great job you did today, and for being so nice and patient answering all of my questions” – Mr. Gale – Muskegon, Mi

“My lawn looks amazing! Brody does an awesome job!” – Mr. Huston, Muskegon MI

“Thank you Nick Z and AAA Lawn Care. Our lawn is so nice now. It is so green and fluffy and you it happen!” – Mr. & Mrs. Tamboer – Grand Rapids, Mi

Thank you for seeing the lawn was saturated and using the hand spreader! – Mr. Mosentine – Ada, Mi

Mrs. stepped into the office and told MS she want you to be her tech for always! She said you are very nice and you’ve done an awesome job! – Mrs. Malski – Grand Rapids, Mi

“After my distress call, thanks for your prompt service to treat for moles” – Mr. Jeurink – Allendale, Mi

My lawn looks good and I love it! – Mrs. Nguyen – Grand Rapids, Mi

“We really enjoy our techs this year – doing a great job” Mrs. Malski – Grand rapids, mi

“Chad stopped by to core aerate the lawn today. When he was finished in the backyard, he took a broom and swept around the cement by the pool.” – Mrs. Sluis – Fruitport, Mi

“We have been very pleased with our service this year. We’ve received a lot of compliments on our grass and my husband is happy” – Mrs. Sluis – Fruitport, Mi

“I really appreciate the fact that you are so good at getting messages and notes passed on and aren’t afraid to use a handwritten note. I like that!” – Mr. Winn – Grand Rapids, Mi

“David really does a great job. He is very conscientious of his work” – Mr. Colvin – Spring Lake, MI

“Mr. is Very impressed with the way his lawn looks. We can put a AAA Lawn Care sign in his lawn anytime. Very happy and were getting the ground ivy taken care of. David is doing a great job!” – Mr. Fett – Spring Lake, Mi

“Ed is a great guy! Its so nice to have service done well and by a good person. I really appreciate it. Tell him thank you!” – Mr. Lohman – Zeeland, Mi

“Mrs loves our bug guard service and AAA Lawn Care. She never hesitates to recommend us to her friends”- Mrs. Klein – Grand Rapids, Mi

“Great job! Like the blowing off driveway at the end” – Mr & Mrs. Kamyszek – Coopersville, Mi

“Because of the way Evan handled things Mrs. said they will not cancel at the end of the 2019 season” – Mrs. Schumaker – Grand rapids, Mi

“Hunter, thank you for always doing a great job. My husband and I both appreciate all the hard work you do” – Mr & Mrs. Banga – Ada, Mi

“Yard has looked great all Summer! Jesus has been an excellent technician – our pleasure to work with him” – Mrs. Sage – Dorr, Mi

Jonah seemed to be a real nice guy. Got all the area’s I wanted an did a great job!” – Mr. Hahn, Grand Rapids

“I’m not upset that you did the Bug Guard application with our window open. I really appreciate you stopping back and the house and for calling and leaving messages.” – Mrs. Garrett, Spring Lake, MI

“Lawn looked incredible and it helped sell the house. Thanks Justin!” – Mrs. Sloothaak – grand rapids, mi