“Matt, I really appreciate you, you do a great job with our lawn care program.” -Mrs. Berrhurst-Hamilton

“You are the first person ever to get my crabgrass under control. I am amazed at how great the lawn looks, it’s the best that’s its ever looked since I’ve lived here and it keeps getting better.” Mr. Rand- Ada

“I just wanted to drop a note and think our Bug Guard tech, Alex, for taking a minute to ask before spraying for insects on my patio. My children and grand babies are in town for a short visit until next week and the young man was nice enough to ask before starting his work. I would much rather deal with angry insects than an angry new mother! Thanks for the great service!” Mr. Emery- Grandville

“We love our Bug Guard tech, Paul, he is so wonderful!” -Mrs. Guminski-Belmont

“I appreciate the extra attention and care you have put into our yard. So far, so good. The new grass seed is coming in nicely. We’ll see what it does this summer. Thanks again to you & AAA Lawn Care. You guys are great!!! We appreciate you and your company!!” Mr. & Mrs. Wilson-Zeeland

Matt, Mr. really appreciates that you’re putting in the extra effort to get the grubs taken care of so quickly. When I told him you’d be out the next morning, he said, “I love it. You’re beautiful people.” – Mr. Post- Holland

“I’m glad my neighbor, Tony, went with your company! Your tech, Trevor, does a great job.” – Mr. Leask- Muskegon

“Please thank Alex for coming back Tuesday, I didn’t expect my grandkids to be here Monday. I really appreciate him waiting the extra day.”- Mrs. Charbonnea – Grand Rapids

“Casey did such a nice job checking the moles and weeds. He has a great eye catching the mole that ran out right in front of us!!!” – Mr. Vanwingen- Rockford.