“JD does an Amazing Job killing weeds” Mr. Said. – Mr. Gaskin – Spring Lake

“He is very persistent with the mole control applications. We love having him as our tech,” Mr. Said – Mr. McDonald – Grand Rapids

“I really appreciated Trevor removing the large branches from my lawn today when he did the application,” Mrs. Said – Mrs. Wiegmink-Muskegon

“I was so impressed with Adam, that I walked out to the mailbox and pulled out the contract I just signed for OC! He took time to talk to me and I like that! I want AAA for my lawn care service.” – Mr. Jeurink- Allendale

“Paul and Kyle are awesome and great to work with. They do a very good job and we love your lawn care service.” Mr. & Mrs. Grillo- Coopersville

“Jim does the best job I’ve ever seen in my years of getting lawn care service.” Mrs. Flemen- Muskegon

“Eddie is the reason I went with your company! Great follow-up on Eddie’s part and I like that,” Mrs. Blagdurn- East Grand Rapids

“It was starting to rain and Taylor knocked on the door to let her know her window was down, he is so courteous.” Mr. Aylsworth- Cedar Springs

“I am very impressed and thankful for Paul! He noticed some leaves from last fall that need to be removed due to a certain bug that loves this condition to live in thank you to Paul!” Mrs. Aylsworth- Greenville

“Tell Stu thank you, he will know what it means.” Mr. Devree- Hudsonville

Mrs. “sang your praises” today. Lawn is lush, even, green, and gorgeous” Mrs. Radosevich-Spring Lake

“It was good to meet Corey, he did a great job fertilizing our lawn!” Mr. McDonald-Grand Rapids

“Thank you, Kyle, for the note and the great job you do.” Mr. & Mrs. Kamyszek- Coopersville

“I really enjoyed talking with Eddie today! I know he knows what he is talking about and I know he will do a good with our lawn care!” Mr. Lee – Grand Rapids

“We are very impressed with Ryan, he does a very good job.” Mrs. Kempers – Zeeland

“Casey did a very excellent job on my first lawn fertilizing application. plus, he answered all of my silly questions, and I appreciate that.” Mr. Leonard – Grand Rapids

“Thank you, JD, for coming out and checking my lawn and leaving notes, I am very happy and I appreciate your work.” Mrs. Coleman – Spring Lake

“Adam is very nice and I appreciate that he calls ahead before he shows up. He is doing a great job!” Mr. Briscoe – Jenison

“My lawn is looking so much better.” Mrs. Muchna – Noton Shores

“John, you do such a great job!” Mr. Hoeksema – Grand Rapids

“The weeds are dying; the grass is growing and Casey is very friendly to work with.” Mr. Elenbaas –  Grand Rapids

“I appreciate that Nathan went over and beyond for me, I am really happy with him.” Mr. Gonzalez – Grand Rapids