“JD does such an excellent job with the lawn, when I heard about the atta boy board, I had to give him one.”  – Mrs. Ewing- Spring Lake

“John was very nice & professional.” – Mr. Danielson- Grand Rapids

“His lawn looks way better than when he DIY’d. Said Dan deserves a pat on the back.” – Mr. Karbowski-Grand Haven

“Mrs. Wanted to make sure they got the same bug guard technician, Brian, because he did a fantastic job last year.”– Mrs. Ewing-Spring Lake

“I forgot to put out flags and really appreciated that you still came out and baited for moles, you did a great job.” – Mr. Leask-Muskegon

“Eddie is a great guy and are very polite, was impressed and you did an excellent job.”

“Adam did a fantastic job last year, I really liked my tech!” – Mr. Murray-Holland

“Will you please let Brian know that I like him really well. He is very polite and does a thorough job. I really like Brian” Mrs. Lamb-Muskegon

“Put a jewel in Adam’s crown, he was wonderful!” Mrs. Said, “he did a wonderful job explaining things.” – Mrs. Maassen-Jenison