“I am really happy that Nathan took the time to blow off the driveway from the granules. I really like the tech I have this year!” -Mrs. Blelecki-Grand Rapids

“Jim does a great job with our lawn care!” – Mr. Denker-Ada

“I have already noticed a big difference with Bug Guard Spider & Bug Control thanks to Paul, and I love it! Taylor, my yard looks great too! AAA Lawn Care is a world’s difference from True Green!” – Mr. Shuart-Cedar Springs

“So far, so good! Keith is very helpful. Thank you!!”- Mrs. Strohpaul-Grand Rapids

“Nathan was very polite and pleasant. He asked if we had issues-which we did not.”-Mrs. Johnson-Grand Rapids

“Charlie was one of the nicest guys! He was very professional and went the extra mile on my lawn.”- Mr. Baxter- North Muskegon

“I appreciate all of you and your professionalism and interest in your customers. Thanks to John for calling me before he comes. God bless you all”- Mrs. Klomperans-Grand Rapids

“I get the best customer service with Eddie! Thanks!”-Mr. Engemann and fur friend Reggie

“Casey, thank you for the effort in seeding the area you got stuck in, it’s been a problem area for a long time.” -Mr. Rikkers-Comstock Park