Our technician always does a great job – Mr. Hoeksema, Grand Rapids

Mrs. was impressed by the time her technician took to measure her lawn. He seemed to be measuring each section and did not appear to be guessing at any measurements. She really appreciated it – Mrs. Balkema, Grand Rapids

Mr. was told 3-5 days before we would be out- the technician was out in 23 hours. He is very happy and said thank you – Mr. Kieft, Spring Lake

Mrs. didn’t have a chance to clean up before the technician came out – she got home, and he moved everything out of the way – she was especially worried about the dog dishes. She said a big thank you – Mrs. Bierman, Spring Lake

Thank you to their bug technician, “the only good bug is a dead bug” – Mrs. Wojczynski, Grand Rapids

“I really like Brody for my technician! He’s very thorough, talks to me and gives advice on issues with weeds, points things out and is a wonderful person.” – Mrs. Wickland, N Muskegon

“My wife loves your service and says the technician does a great job. She loves the lawn!” – Mr. Nelson, Belmont

Mr. had called a couple times – was unhappy with weeds but said Taylor has been very nice each time! –  Mr. Newkirk, Rockford

Mr. was very impressed we showed up in three days to run estimate like we told him, and that the technician gave him a day to look it over and then called – Mr. Sullivan, Holland

The technician is a nice young man and does a great job – we sent him to help our neighbor too – Mr. Winkel, Wyoming

Mrs. wanted to praise the technicians. They are both very nice and have great customer service. They helped her figure out her phone to send a picture. They were also very thorough with the applications. – Mrs. Orent, Grand Rapids

Mr. said he is very happy with his lawn and that the technician is a very polite young man – Mr. Preston, Grand Rapids

The technician is very polite and a good listener! She also said he likes his job! – Mrs. Edington, Grand Rapids

Mr. gives us 11 on a 1-10 scale. He didn’t expect us to get out so quickly. He is very happy with the work being done! – Mr. Heinz, Grand Rapids

The technician does a great job on our lawn. He has been very helpful! – Mr. Miller, Grand Rapids

Our yard looks great as always. Thank you – Mr. Chalmers, Comstock Park

The special fertilizer that the technician used did the trick. The lawn looks great! Thank you. – Ms. DeKruif, Comstock Park

We like everything about our technician. He is friendly, has a firm handshake and very pleasant – Mrs. Bayko, Grand Rapids

The technician is very professional, kind and a good listener! He’s happy with our overall customer service – Mr. Magennis, Grand Rapids

The technician is very knowledgeable, personable, and a fine guy. He doesn’t beat around the bush and were lucky to have him! – Mr. Williamson, Grand Rapids

Thank you for sending out the technician to spray weeds. It wasn’t expected to happen until our next service date, and it was a pleasant surprise when he showed up. Thank you for quick and outstanding customer service –