Mrs. gave a “10” on her survey and wrote “Ryan does a wonderful job. He communicates with us, explaining things about our lawn care. Neat guy!” – Mrs. Cote, Comstock park

Was impressed how impressed she was with his service on her parent’s lawn. Appreciates him waiting for them to finish the lawn and felt like he was very thorough and is very friendly. – Mrs. Jones, Holland

“Efforts have not gone unnoticed. We’ve been traveling and returned to find our lawn looking terrific. Thank you! – Mr. Haas, Gowen

“Thank you again for everyone at AAA Lawn Care. It is so beautiful to have the best lawn on Amberly now! A green lawn enhances the color of the flowers and brings competition to the beautiful green leave son the trees and bushes. Brings a calmness to the soul. I appreciate all of you!” – Mrs. Klomparens, Grand Rapids

A huge shout of to our tech. He went out of his way this week; he noticed my daughter and her friend playing in the backyard and asked if he could come back to finish up another day. He didn’t want to make them play somewhere else while he finished up and wait until it had time to settle. He came back to finish and may have even brought the tipped over trash can to the house. Thank you so much for your dedicated and thoughtful service to not only our yard but to us as a family. – Mrs. Pierre, Grand Rapids

Our tech is a great guy. He’d very polite and really know what he’s doing. He had my lawn looking great! – Mr. Telder, Comstock park

Mrs. is loving our service and glad the pesky moles are taken care of. We’re worth every penny. – Mrs. Griffes, Grand Rapids

“Tyler was careful and cooperative- lawn is doing well” – Mr. Blagdurn, Grand Rapids

Gave a “10” on his survey and wrote “Always great client service” – Mr. Zettell, Muskegon

Excellent employee, very helpful and polite. Well trained. – Mr. Kieft, Spring Lake

Our tech does a really good job on our property- Mr. Hall, Sparta

“Great Service! Thank you, Nate!” – Mrs. Netzler, Muskegon

“Nate does a great job” – Mrs. Cimek, Bryon Center

Mrs. gave a “10” on her survey and wrote “My lawn looks perfect- thank you for your amazing service!” – Mrs. Perez, Wyoming

Very happy with his lawn. Wanted to say thank you and then added mole control – Mr. Smith, Wyoming

“Nate did a really good job the last time he was here” – Mrs. Handlogten, Coopersville

Mr. gave a “10” on his survey and wrote “Good communication and fair pricing” – Mr. Trapp, Byron Center

Mrs. gave a “10” on her survey and wrote “Yard is looking great! Thanks Ethan!” – Mrs. Bacon, Coopersville

Mr. said you were a very nice young man and did a great job while shadow was chasing you around! – Mr. Schoenborn, Conklin

Mr. gave a “10” on his survey and wrote “I really like your service, great job!!!” – Mr. Romberger, Coopersville

Mrs. said you are very thorough, and they are very satisfied with your service – Mrs. Ewing, Spring Lake

“Brian is very personable, and I like him doing my lawn” – Mr. Hoogewind, Spring Lake

Your guy got rid of my ant problem. He’s been doing a great job for me. – Mr. Johnson, Muskegon

Mr. gave a “10” on his survey and wrote “Kyle Hinkle does a nice job. Thank you!” – Mr. Glaza, Rockford

Mr. gave a “10” on survey and wrote “New man this year but another great job. Thank you!” Mr. Zevalkink, Rockford

Mrs. gave a “10” on her survey and wrote “Thank you! Good Job.” Mrs. Kuester, Ada

After you came out for a service call, Mrs. wrote that you are “very informative and concerned about our lawn.” – Mrs. Handy, Wyoming

“We love our tech Kyle! He does a great job!” Mrs. Hoolsema, Jenison

Our tech does a great job on all my properties, even though he left the gate open and the dog got out. No worries, the dog is safe – Mr. Prins, Grand Haven

I want the boss to know that Ken is very kind, does a great job and that he should get a raise! – Mrs. Young, Marne

Mr. gave a “10” on his survey and wrote “Good job, Nick!” – Mr. Cook, Grand Rapids

Mr. gave a “10” on his survey and wrote “Friendly, answers to questions” – Mr. Arkesteyn, Grand Rapids

“Tony is doing a fabulous job!” – Mrs. Bennett, Grand Rapids

The notes that Chance wrote on the estimate made us choose AAA!” – Mr. Monnet, Ada

Mr. said lawn looks great! Thanks for cleaning up the grubs! – Mr. Lipinski, Grand Haven