Mr. called just to let us know how much he loves our service. He said Brian was just out today and did a great job. He said Brian always goes the extra mile and loves that he always says hello when he is there. He also mentioned Trevor is great too! Noted that both technicians are good at communication and good at what they do. – Mr. Leask-Muskegon

Mrs. Really appreciates Jared for taking care of her bee’s nest! She said he was quick to come out and did a great job. – Mrs. Roskam- Grand Rapids

“This has been the best season I’ve had as a customer of AAA. Thank you so much Terry for the great service!” – Mrs. Netzler- Muskegon

“Kyle H. takes good care of our yard!” -Mr. Bacon-Coopersville

“Very impressed with the job your company is doing. Your Tech, J.D., is always polite and very helpful” -Mr. Keift – Spring Lake

“Stu does a tremendous job on my lawn! It’s still the best-looking lawn on my street!” -Mr. Jenkins-Hudsonville

“Nathan is the best. He does a good job and knows what he is doing. Nathan takes pride in his work. I want him back next year. My yard looks great!” -Mrs. Preston-Grand Rapids

“Terry does a great job for us!” -Mrs. Eikenberry- Twin Lake

“Ed does a great job with our bug guard service. Really appreciate him!” -Mt. Christensen-

“J.D. is efficient, polite, professional, and answers my questions. Always calls first and is on time/Schedule!”- Mrs. Rositch- Spring Lake

“Thank you, J.D., for killing my weeds and clover. I am very pleased!” -Mr. Johnson – Norton Shores

“Trevor is always ready to answer questions about my lawn. He is Friendly and knowledgeable.” -Mr. Hall – Muskegon

“Charlie is great!!! Phone people are great as well!!” -Rev. Konopka – Rockford

“Brandon is such a nice young man and very thoughtful. He should be given a raise! Don’t lose this guy!!” – Mrs. Strohpaul – Grand Rapids.

“Just wanted to say that Stuart Jerome was most helpful and friendly when he came out to our home for the application. He answered many questions I had about dollar spots and red thread. Thank you for the advice and great service.” – Mr. Smith – Hudsonville

“Thank you for responding so quickly to my concern that my lawn had red thread. Trevor called the same day and made it to my house first thing the next morning. He tested the soil and diagnosed my problem as wilt shock. I will be watering more now. Many thanks for taking care of the problem.” – Mrs. McLaughlin – Muskegon

“I really appreciate being informed about chinch bugs. Thanks!” – Mr. Devling – Grand Rapids

“We are very happy with the job Ed has done for us this year!” – Mrs. Beauregard – Grand Haven

“Nice job! My yard is the best on the block, thanks to AAA Lawn Care!” – Mr. Thurston – Byron center

“We are very happy with what Nate has done to our lawn! It looks beautiful!” – Mrs. Yeo – Grand Rapids

“Casey was extremely helpful. Enjoyed talking with him.” – Mr. Falconer-Grand Haven

“I really like Ryan F. who is doing our lawn this year- personable, hardworking-really sweated up a storm last application!” – Mr. Kuzdal-Grandville

“I really like Matt, he is such a pleasant person. I used to own my own business and those are the kind of people you want!” -Mr. Crosley-Holland

“Thank you, Alex is the best!” -Mrs. Charbonneau – Grand Rapids

“Great service! Casey identifies my problem and quickly got it sprayed!” – Mrs. Kennedy-Grand Rapids

“Adam and Jared are very efficient and professional- highly recommended to neighbors!” -Mr. Dongiovanni- Byron Center

“Thank you for calling before you come always prompt and friendly.” – Mrs. Adkins-Zeeland

“I always enjoy talking with Kyle-he answers all of my question! Very knowledgeable about his work and the outcomes!” -Mrs. Kamyszek-Coopersville

“Brandon is an excellent service tech for your company and I appreciate his work. Keep him, pay him more so he stays and keep him in my route!!” -Mrs. Stropaul-Grand Rapids

“Very pleased with this service. There have been no problems with bugs this year. Thank you Brian!” – Mrs. Dubuc- Spring Lake

“Your service to us has always been excellent-never a complaint.” – Mr. Edlund- Muskegon

“Terry is very knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly.” -Mr. Kanaar- Muskegon

“Justin really makes the lawn grow and keeps it weed free.” -Mr. Hulbert- Grand Rapids

“The grass looks really good…Ryan f. Is great!” – Mr. Hatrick- Byron Center

“Ryan F. is awesome. Always thorough and careful around my gardens.” – Mrs. Hadwin- Grandville

“Jim does a terrific job!” – Mrs. Bennett- Grand Rapids

“Bear really appreciated the dog treats! It was thoughtful of you, Thank you Kyle!” -Mr. & Mrs. Meyer- Coopersville

“Matt is great. Answers all my questions and helps me understand our lawn.” – Mrs. Hoekstra- Holland

“Thank you for spraying the weeds around my trees.” – Mrs. Signor- Grand Rapids

“Thank you, Alex, for taking care of the wasp’s nest. You did a good job!” -Mr. Sidor- Marne

“Trevor is always ready to answer questions about my lawn. He is friendly and knowledgeable.” – Mr. Hall- Muskegon

“I want you to know how incredible JB is. He is very thorough, nice, and does a nice job. Someone needs to know and recognize him. Tell the boss!!” – Mr. Briggs-Grand Rapids

“The ground look beautiful! Nate’s doing a great job!”- Mr. Fields of Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery-Byron Center

“Very pleased with the job Brandon is doing. Hoping to see big improvements in the yard with his help.” – Mrs. Crosby- Grand Rapids

“John K. and Brandon J. are very polite, nice young men who do the applications.” – Mr. & Mrs. Wibalda – Grand Rapids