“Eddie is very courteous and helpful with the last fertilization & weed control application; the backyard looks wonderful after applying 14-14-14.” -Mr. Mockabee- Grand Rapids

“I really appreciate Nate spraying the weeds in my lawn when he was there for the neighbor’s yard. It was great that he took the initiative to do it without me asking. Thank you SO much!!”- Mrs. Wiltz-Grand Rapids

“I love James, he does a wonderful job on our lawn.”-Mr. Zimmerman-Grand Rapids.

“Nate is doing a great job! I know it may take a couple of service calls to get control of the weeds. Please tell Nate he is doing a great job!”-Mr. Richmond-Byron Center

“Eddie did a great job today! He spent extra time on the weeds and went above the call of duty!”-Mr. Marble-Grand Rapids

“I am so happy the weeds are dead. Thanks Stu.”-Mr. Vanandel-Hudsonville