A healthy lawn is a moisturized lawn. Aside from some morning droplets, summertime can be hard for your lawn to stay healthy and well-hydrated due to the lack of rain and soil compaction. Luckily, there AAA Lawn Care offers a fast track to a moisturized lawn through a technique called “Core Aeration.”

So what is core aeration? Core aeration is a type of lawn aeration where a lawn aerator with hollow tines mechanically removes plugs or “cores” of soil from a lawn and are around ½ to ¾ of an inch in diameter. This is the key process that allows moisture to deeply submerge into your lawn. Not only does it help your grassroots grow much stronger and deeper, but it also helps: improve air exchange, enhance soil water uptake, improve fertilizer update, reduce water runoff, enhance heat tolerance, enhance thatch breakdown and promote root growth.

By allowing a channel for oxygen and water, your lawn is able to absorb nutrients deeply at the root. After you finish aerating your lawn, the holes will quickly disappear and soon will grow a healthy, and moisturized, turf!

The following lawns may especially benefit from core aeration:

  • Lawns with poor soil (clay, backfill, etc.)

  • Lawns with thin grass

  • High traffic lawns (kids, pets, etc.)

  • Old lawns that need to be reinvigorated

  • Lawns with a high level of thatch

  • If you are going to overseed your lawn

  • Semi Shaded Lawns

Leaving the cores on your lawn after it has been aerated can also beneficial for the health and integrity of your turf. These cores often have retained moisture and nutrients that will be reabsorbed back into the lawn. You can help speed up this process by regular watering or mowing.

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