It’s no secret that raking leaves can be a total pain. It’s time-consuming, pain-inducing, and a major hassle. But did you know that mulching your leaves is not only a much faster method but it’s also much healthier for your lawn? Here we’ll discuss why you should put down the rake this year and pick up a mulcher so that your lawn is in tip-top shape come spring.

What is mulch? 

Mulch is defined as any material placed on a soil surface for the purpose of reducing evaporation, retaining moisture, reducing soil erosion, suppressing weed growth, and providing nutrients. Turning your fall leaves into mulch involves blowing them into a wide pile then taking a mulcher to churn and break down the leaves. Mulching also mixes grass with carbon-rich leaves to help hold in the nutrients.

Why is it better for your lawn?

Mulching your leaves also greatly reduces the pile of leaves to over 75% of its original volume. The nutrients restored from the leaves help produce better grass and may increase the overall “natural fertility” of your lawn. Which, in turn, means much less watering come spring! It’s not only better for the lawn; it’s also better for the environment. Choosing to mulch your leaves keeps plastic bags out of landfills and reduces the manpower needed to transport several bags to be recycled.

“Mulch acts as a reservoir for water and will hold water into the soil for a longer period of time. It slowly lets water into the soil to be absorbed by the roots of the plants which prevents overwatering and drowning of the delicate systems.” –Timothy Moore 

Need help? 

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