In celebration of April as National Lawn Care Month, here are some interesting facts from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP):

  • A 50 by 50 foot lawn can release enough oxygen for a family of four.
  • Turfgrass holds soil well and filters rainwater due to it’s fibrous roots. Just one grass plant can have over 300 miles of roots!
  • Since turfgrass is much cooler than cement or asphalt, lawns can be 22 degrees cooler than surrounding areas without grass.
  • Lawns in the U.S. trap an estimated 12 million tons of dust annually and also absorb carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and perosyacetyle nitrate.
  • 26% of people say relaxing is their favorite activity and research shows that people find stress relief and healing when they interact with nature (including their lawns!).
  • There are around 10,000 grass species worldwide.

Stay tuned to the AAA Lawn Care Blog for more fun lawn facts during National Lawn Care Month!