Here is a list of 3 things you can do for your lawn right now to help it ease into Spring…

  1. Rake your lawn. Raking your lawn can be beneficial in several different ways. You may have areas of snow mold damage. While not permanent, raking these areas will help your lawn recover faster. Another reason to rake would be to remove dead grass from areas affected by voles. This will also help the grass plants recover quicker. Lastly, raking any areas that are covered by leaves. Oak trees tend to lose their leaves later in the Fall or during the Winter months. This is a great time to get the leaves off of your lawn.
  2. Overseed thin areas. If you have areas that are thin from heavy traffic or shade. Now is a great time to seed. While the seed won’t germinate right away, it will once soil temperatures rise. Beware! Plan ahead and don’t apply crabgrass pre emergent in the areas that you are overseeding. Crabgrass pre emergent will negatively affect seed germination.
  3. Apply lawn fertilizer. Now is great time to apply fertilizer to your lawn. While it has been a cold Spring, the cold snap will be gone soon. You may want to use fertilizer combined with crabgrass pre emergent if you have had a crabgrass problem or if you want to make sure you don’t have one. Don’t apply too much. More isn’t always better. Just follow the instructions for a Spring application.