Core aeration is a process that removes thousands of plugs of soil from your lawn. These soil plugs are usually 1-3″ long. Core aeration is done with a core aerator machine. Core aerators have hollow tines arranged around shaft or drum. As the machine moves across a lawn, hollow core aeration tines penetrate the soil and extracts plugs of soil.

There are a number of benefits to core aerating your lawn on an annual basis.

  1. Core aeration helps manage heavy layers of thatch. Thatch layers that are more than an inch in thickness is haven for lawn disease and holds back moisture and blocks fertilizer nutrients from the grass roots.
  2. Aeration allows your grass plants to absorb water, air & nutrients much more efficiently.
  3. Aeration relieves soil compaction. If you have high traffic areas soil compaction is probably an issue.
  4. Core aeration breaks up soil layering. We commonly see soil laying in residential developments where there is several inches of top soil over a really poor subsoil such as clay or sand. Soil layering is prevalent in sodded lawns as well. Soil layering contributes to shallow grass plant roots, bad drainage and soil compaction. It is best to rent a core aeration machine or hire a company to perform the service for you.

Good Luck!