One of our technicians was called to a lawn that was not looking right. He pulled up the turf and this is what he found. Grubs. Everywhere.

This is just a quick reminder that the Fall grub season is here. White grubs damage lawns in both the Spring and Fall. Areas that look like they are starting to turn brown or just doesn’t look right may have grubs. It is easy to check. Firmly grasp the turf with your hand and try to pull it back. If it easily pulls back you probably have grubs. Dig around in the areas that you just uncovered or in the roots of the turf you just pulled up. You will see little white grubs. Some may be smaller, some may be plump and juicy. Speaking of plump and juicy, skunks love grubs and will not hesitate to rip up your lawn by pulling back clumps of turf and snacking on the grubs.

So you have grubs. What now? You will want to apply a curative grub control product (call a lawn care company or go to your local garden center). This will stop the grubs from damaging more turf. If you catch it early enough, the affected areas will bounce back. However, some seeding may be required. Lastly, do yourself a favor and apply a grub preventative application in the Summer. This will cover you for a year and prevent additional grub damage in the Spring.

Good Luck!!!!