If you want to make your lawn a “No Mole Zone”, AAA Lawn Care has the solution for you!

We at AAA Lawn Care are already hearing a lot about mole activity, largely due to the mild winter we had.  You can easily identify mole activity if you have piles or “volcanoes” of soil on the surface (caused by star-nosed moles) or raised lawn from tunnels just under the surface (caused by eastern moles).  AAA Lawn Care offers a great mole control program that utilizes the only mole bait proven to kill both types of moles.  This bait resembles an earthworm, which makes up moles’ primary diet.  Our program includes two initial visits during which we bait active mole runs with that look alike worm.  After that, we will come back as needed to reapply the bait at no additional charge.  Another great benefit of AAA Lawn Care’s mole control program is that it is guaranteed all the way through December 31st!  If you would like more information about this program, please call us at (888) 374-7336.