Spring, summer, fall, and winter; the seasons are a consistent rhythm that reminds people of the repetitiveness of life. No matter what changes happen in the world, the seasons are upheld, the beautiful, and the difficult. Spring flowers wither in the heat of the summer. Sunshine gives way to a changing of the colors of leaves. Trees release their hold on the leaves, letting them go as they fall to the ground, becoming dry and crisp. With the deep cold of winter lurking around the corner, people race to get those leaves out of the way before the rain, snow, and ice. These leaf-rakers often dread the end of fall, when they’re desperate to get rid of all the pesky leaves. However, what they don’t know is that it can actually be incredibly beneficial to keep those leaves and mulch them instead.

What is Mulching Leaves?

Raking leaves or leaving hundreds of full, in-tact leaves all over your lawn aren’t the only options. In fact, there is something that is much better for your lawn and much easier for you; mulching. Mulching leaves is cutting them into pieces with a lawn mower. You want to mulch them regularly so that you are essentially shredding them as soon as they fall. There is no need to rake or move the leaves at all. Instead, just use your lawn mower to cut them up and leave the pieces in place.

Mulching Leaves Before Winter

Once the leaves fall off of your trees, you’ll be tempted to rake them into large piles. While these piles may provide hours of entertainment for children, they also take a ton of hard work. Not only that but raking your leaves also prevents you from gaining the multiple lawn benefits of mulch.

Benefits of Mulching Leaves

Good For Your Soil

Mulching leaves is 100% great for your lawn and creates very healthy soil. When the leaves are mulched, earthworms and microorganisms work to decompose them. Once this happens, the leaves are turned into organic matter that can be used by plants. The soil that comes from this process is very strong, healthy, and usable soil. This is even true for lawns that have old, beaten-up soil. After a few rounds of mulch, the soil springs back to life.

Saves You Time and Hard Work

Raking is hard work. This is especially the case for large lawns with many trees, as they tend to have leaves falling all season long. The work of raking and cleaning can seem unending. Not only does it require constant maintenance, but the work itself is long, exhausting, and strenuous. Raking consistently throughout the fall is incredibly tiresome. When you mulch your leaves, you don’t need to do any hard work. Simply pull out your lawn mower a few times and let it do the hard work for you. Your lawn mower will shred those leaves into hundreds of pieces, creating food for the worms. Once they’ve gone through the entire process, your fallen leaves will become your beautiful, healthy soil.

Great For The Environment

Mulching leaves is a great move for the health of the environment. Not only does it help prevent bags of leaves from ending up in the landfill and loose leaves from clogging drains and sewers, it is also a part of a healthy, functioning ecosystem. The leaves that turn into mulch will support the microorganisms in the soil, eventually aiding in their health. By simply mulching your leaves, you are helping plants to flourish and grow, and you’re giving nourishment to the many creatures that live in the area. Mulching leaves also helps the environment by reducing the amount of plastic bags that are sold.

How Often To Mulch Your Leaves

Whenever you mulch your leaves, you are basically filling your lawn and the organisms that live within, with nutrients. The more often you mulch, the faster your soil will become rich and healthy. The best way to ensure your soil is on the way up is to go mulch your leaves regularly, at least once a week. By doing so, you are ensuring that your mulch and mulching processes is in great hands and that your soil is getting into shape.

AAA Lawn Care for Winter Mulching

Make your lawn care even easier this winter by calling AAA Lawn Care! We offer mulching services to help you with your leaves. If you choose weekly mulching, we’ll come in once a week to help you mulch your leaves.

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