While we sit here in the middle of a typical Michigan winter, we can’t help but look ahead to Spring! and not so great things: mosquitoes. Michigan is home to over 50 species of mosquitoes and develops in “spring pools” inadequate water levels. As we head into warmer months, it’s important to know how to control the mosquitoes around your property. Here we’ll discuss just when mosquito season starts, and how you can prevent things from getting out of hand.


Mosquito Season

kids and dog in the lawnWhen mosquito season begins to start completely depends on your location and climate. In Michigan, they generally become more active between April and October and generally tend to disappear completely when the temperature dips below 50 degrees. While Michigan weather can be a tad bit unpredictable, you can be sure that the mosquito population will be thriving and at its highest when the temperature reaches above 80 degrees.


What Attracts Mosquitos

There are many elements that work together to create the perfect environment for mosquitoes. Aside from temperature, water levels and moisture in the air are huge factors of how their population grows. Mosquitoes will actively search for standing water to lay eggs and can do so even in the smallest puddle. Any moisture in your lawn could create a safe haven for mosquitoes, and it’s important to consider how to prevent them from staking claim early in the season.


Starting Early

The key to preventing your lawn from being overtaken by mosquitoes is to start protection before the season starts. This process should generally begin two weeks prior to an event or gathering after the temperature has reached above 50 degrees. But it doesn’t’ stop there! Lawn applications continue several weeks after the season begins to ensure existing mosquitoes were killed and new ones are kept at bay.


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