“Your staff & technicians are courteous, professional and friendly. Thank you for helping to keep our lawn looking its best!” – Dr. Stoll – Ada

“You provide great lawn care service” – Mr. Furda – Grand Rapids

“Thank you for coming a few days earlier than planned and adding my lawn to your schedule today” – Mrs. Ceton – Grand Haven

“Just wanted to tell you this guy is Freaking Awesome. He was really great.” – Mr. Chicklon – Grand Rapids

“I like the No-hassle lawn care service if/when they have to come out to reapply the application for any reason” – Mr. Peterson – Muskegon

“The lawn is looking much better thanks to Taylor! Much Appreciated” – Mr. Heagle – Grand Rapids

“Our lawn looks better than it ever has. Thank you” – Mr. McBride – Coopersville

“The customer service we have received from AAA has been Exceptional! We plan on being long term customers.” – Mrs. Bertke – Rockford

“Paul received a gift from Mrs. & she said “thank you so much”” – Mr. & Mrs. Elam – Comstock park

“Paul does such good work – never gets spray all over my windows” – Mr. Hale – Rockford

“David’s only done one app but its completely turned my lawn around. My yard looks AMAZING!” – Mr. Johnson – Norton Shores

“Thanks for the lawn care. Great Job! Happy Summer!” – Mrs. Gonzalez-Walters – Holland

“Awesome job, Jim keep up the good work!” – Mrs. Tiefenthal – Muskegon

“Great job – nice guy!” – Mr. Kramer – Muskegon

“You provide great lawn care service” – Mr. Furda – Grand Rapids

“Mrs. is absolutely happy on how the yard looks. Thank you for coming out and helping it get back to green, she doesn’t see any weeds!” – Mrs. Chittenden – Fruitport

“Thank you so much for helping me with my trash cans. You were so thoughtful to do this after telling you my husband used to do it but passed away recently.” –  anonymous

“After starting your lawn care service on 7/3 we came out 7/6 for the summer app. Thanks so much for getting to me so quickly. You guys are the best!” – Mrs. Vandergrift – Grand Rapids

“Nate has consistently treated my lawn as if it were his own. He listens to the customer and has their interests at heart” – Mr. Kielty – Bryon Center

“The lawn is alive again! It’s coming back and I really appreciate all your help in making this happen. Thank you Justin!” – Mr. Bethel – Grand Rapids

“Trevor – you’re an outstanding representative of the company. You’re polite, super kind, informative and patient.” – Mr. Markham – Rockford

“You did a very thorough job on his aeration & I appreciate it!” – Mr. Goulet – Muskegon

“Ryan is a super guy & hard worker. Thank you for the great job!!” – Mrs. Hoyt – Comstock Park

“My tech does a great job. My late payment is no reflection of the service I received” – Chars hall of floral design – Comstock Park

“Thank you for checking my mole runs & baiting them while out of town. I appreciate it SO much!” – Mrs. DeKruif – Comstock Park

“Looks good Ryan, keep it up!” – Mr. Chalmers – Comstock Park

“Unsurpassed service! Everyone is very friendly and a pleasure to work with. Ryan does an excellent job!!” – Mr. Sweeney – Comstock Park

“First year with AAA – can’t believe the way the yard is looking – Happy, Happy, happy – Thanks!!” – Mr. Morren – Hudsonville

“Your phone staff is excellent! Your applicators know their stuff!” – Mr. Hoeksema – Grand Rapids

“The techs are “Very Responsive!” The staff is very friendly and helpful” – Mrs. Agin – Grand Rapids

“Very appreciative of Jared and the job he does” – Mr. DeGroot – Grand Rapids

“Lawn is looking better – Jared is a great lawn technician. He is super helping, knowledgeable & kind” – Mrs. Webb – Grand Rapids

“Adam does a great job!” – Mr. Miller – Jenison

“Adam is really great and helpful” – Mr. Tidwell – Jenison

“I want to thank Adam for getting right out and applying the insecticide. We are watering it in right now!” – Mrs. Dys – Jenison

“Very happy with your lawn care service and our technician. Our lawn looks great!” – Mrs. Tabor – Jenison

“Thank you for spraying and going out of your way to do it for me” – Mr. Roeder – Grand Haven

“Ed is the best! What a great rep for AAA!” – Mr. Zimmerman – Grand Haven

“Austin is a good guy for calling and apologizing for breaking my flowers. It kept me from canceling service. He is a great guy” – Mr. Dettloff – Grand Rapids

“Austin did a great job!” – Mrs. Warg – Grand Rapids

“Very impressed with the Bug Guard program! I will definitely do it every year!” – Mrs. Smallegan – Grand Rapids