It is going to be one hot week here in West Michigan.  The weather forecast is calling for 90 degree days and plenty of humidity.  All of this heat and humidity is going to have some negative effects on your lawn.

In Michigan, we use grasses in our lawns are that are considered “cool season” grasses.  These include Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fine fescues.  Cool season grasses do not like temperatures in the 90’s and humidity.  They stop growing, they lose color and become the target of turf grass diseases and insects.  Cool season grasses are not used the further south you go because of this.  This starts around Kentucky and even those in southern Ohio use transition zone grass types (tall fescue, etc.).

Things you can do to help the situation.  #1 Do not water your lawn in the evening or night.  Water during the early morning or during the day.  This will help decrease the chance of the turf disease.  #2  Keep your mowing height on the high end.  The longer the grass the better.  This helps keep your grass cooler.  #3  Adjust your expectations.  Your lawn won’t do so good while this weather continues.  Just know that better (cooler) days lie ahead and that your lawn will recover.