I do not like crabgrass at all.  It is a pain in the behind.  Not only does it not look very good, it is difficult to manage.  Of course, crabgrass just loves the hot & humid weather we have enjoyed the last couple of weeks.  Crabgrass grows stronger as your lawn become weaker due to the heat. Crabgrass grows close to the ground and is
light green in color.

We are applying post emergent product to deal with bad infestations.  However, crabgrass is better managed with pre emergent products in the Spring.  Maintaining a healthy dense turfgrass stand is the best defense.  If you only have a couple patches of crabgrass in your lawn, just pull them with your hands.  Make sure to get roots.  This is what I do on my lawn.  Just like everyone else, I tend to get crabgrass along the edge of the road.

If this is your first go around with crabgrass, just remember, it will die with the first frost of the year.