AAA Lawn Care’s organic-based fertilizer program is called “Earth Wise”.  This program is a conscious effort to further reduce our footprint on the environment and to be as green as possible while still providing a beautiful lawn.  The Earth Wise system combines the benefits of both organic & synthetic fertilizers into one product.

The organic side of Earth Wise is very important to the overall program, as it helps build healthier soils.  Healthy soils produce healthy lawns for you and your family to enjoy.  Organic fertilizers also reduce turf disease, naturally reduce thatch, and decrease the amount of chemicals needed on your lawn.

The synthetic side of Earth Wise is also very important.  The use of synthetic fertilizers in Earthwise allows for the deep green lawns that our customers have come to expect and demand at a reasonable price.  Our proprietary recipe has been carefully crafted to provide a balanced amount of different types of nutrients to give your lawn a solid, healthy base and plenty of green “sizzle”.

Special fertilizer isn’t the only reason that AAA Lawn Care has become “earth  wise”!  We are the first and only lawn care company to achieve Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Certification.  This helps us continue to be a leader in environmental and pollution prevention practices.  We hope this provides you with peace of mind regarding the integrity and direction of your lawn care service.