It’s officially fall!  Besides lawn fertilization & weed control, we provide mole controlgrub controlathletic field-specific programs, soil testing, aeration services, vegetation control (fence lines, curbs, parking lots, etc.), and Bug Guard (perimeter pest control). We should know, we’ve been servicing the West Michigan area for over 40 years! But don’t have to say we are awesome, our amazing customers say it for us! As we’ve continued to move further into fall, AAA has continued to impress our customers. Take a look at the August 2021 testimonials below!

“My technician is always so nice and does a great job taking care of the weeds!” -Mrs. Addison, Spring Lake

“I am very appreciative for my technician’s hard work making my back yard beautiful again!” Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis, Spring Lake

“My lawn has never looked better! After seasons of struggling with brown spots, my technician took the time to diagnose red thread and get things back on track!” -Mr. Cotterall, Spring Lake

“My technician is doing a great job! “Mrs. Metternich, Spring Lake

“My technician did a very thorough job! I am pleased with my service!” Mrs. Bush, Jenison

“My technician did a great job with my application. He is a very nice guy and explained things thoroughly. I am already seeing the weeds dying off.” Mr. Moore, Georgetown Township

“My technician did an awesome job today! I really appreciated that he used the push spreader on my lawn, and he even brought up my trash bin for me!” Mr. Surdam, Hudsonville

“My technician is the best tech I have ever had. He is very detail oriented and takes the time to really assess my lawn every time he is out. I am very happy!” Mrs. Edington, Grand Rapids

“My technician did a very good job! I appreciate that he took the time to spray the weeds out by the road.” Mrs. Chalmers, Comstock Park

“My technician is very professional! I appreciate that he took the time to speak with me about my lawn and sprayed my crabgrass!” Mr. Bloomquist, Grand Rapids

“Our technician is great! He is very kind and knowledgeable and took the time to talk with us and answer our questions.” Mr. and Mrs. Vanportfliet, Grand Rapids

“My technician took the time to answer my questions and gave me advice. Great customer service! The lawn looks really nice!” Mr. Hoeksema, Grand Rapids

“My technician does a great job! I have the best lawn in the neighborhood!” Mrs. Nelson, Comstock Park

“I have had the same technician for a few years now and he is wonderful! He is always prompt and answers all of our questions. He is a star employee in our eyes!” Mrs. Kozura, Comstock Park

“My technician was very thorough at my last application. He came out to spray the weeds and the crabgrass and he also checked my lawn for insects!” Mr. Lago, Grand Rapids

“My lawn is looking great! My technician is such a nice and polite young man. I am lucky to have him taking care of our lawn!” Mrs. Beckett, Grand Rapids

“I am so happy with my service! I appreciate the attention to my lawn any time I need them to come out!” Mrs. Carter, Grand Haven

“I am very happy with my lawn and services!” Mr. Doane, Grand Haven

“My technician came out to do a service call and he was very nice! He is doing a great job!” Mrs. Springer, Grand Rapids

“I am so happy with my service and the ant control program is phenomenal! I would recommend AAA to anybody!” Mrs. Greene, Holland

“My technician is doing a great job on my lawn!” Mr. Cox, Caledonia

“I appreciate my technician taking the extra time to talk with me on my lawn about my concerns. He did an outstanding job!” Mr. Smoes, Coopersville

“My technician did a really thorough job at our last bug guard application!” Mrs. Gibson, Jenison

“My technician did a great job at my last application! I really appreciate that he took the time to pay attention to the areas that I was most concerned about. He was super friendly and polite as well!” Mr. Bergsma, Hudsonville

“My technician does such a great job!” Mr. Hall, Muskegon

“I am very thankful that my technician was willing to come back and do the aeration in my backyard after I had time to trim my landscaping first!” Mr. DeJong, Grand Rapids

“I love AAA Lawn Care. My technician has helped me out a lot this year!” Mr. Bethel, Grand Rapids

“Thank you to my technician for getting rid of my mosquitos!” Mrs.  Wojczynski, Grand Rapids

“My technician is a good dude. He gave me great info after my application and was able to explain everything thoroughly.” Mr. Mackay, Grand Haven

“My technician walked around my whole lawn picking up sticks and put them in my fire pit before he did my application. I did not expect that and thought it was a fine gesture on his part!” Mr. Vukits, Muskegon

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