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Professional Holiday Lighting & Holiday Decoration Service

Christmas Light Installation Company

Our Professional Holiday and Christmas Lighting Package includes:

Design Consultation – One of our experienced designers will meet with you to discuss how our Holiday and Christmas Lighting Package works plus consult with you on a design for your holiday lighting display.

Installation – Experienced holiday lighting installers will set up your holiday lighting display in a timely and safe manner. They know all of the little tricks of the trade to make sure your home looks amazing!

Professional Grade Lights – We only use professional grade lights for our holiday lighting installations. Since you own the lights and we guarantee them, these lights will provide years of service.

Free Service Calls – It is not uncommon for a light bulb or two to burn out over the course of the holiday season or for a strand of lights that needs to be adjusted. If there is a problem with your lights, just give us a call because your package includes free service calls!

Take Down - When the holiday season is over and you are ready to have your lights come down. We will schedule a time to come to your home and remove your holiday lighting display.

Storage – Once we have your lighting display off your house and out of your landscaping, we take it back to our facility and lay the entire display out to dry. We also take this time to fix any broken bulbs and address any problems encountered when taking the display down. When everything is dry, we carefully pack up your holiday lighting display and store it away at our facility until next year.

What Happens the Following Year? – Here is the beauty of our Professional Holiday and Christmas Lighting Package... your lights are still your lights. They have been carefully labeled and stored for trouble free installation the following year. We just contact you and schedule an installation date prior to the holiday season. It’s that easy!

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