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Lime & Gypsum Lawn Applications

Most of our customers have been switched from traditional lime applications to gypsum applications.  Why?

  • The main benefit we were after in applying lime was calcium.  Gypsum is high in calcium plus sulfur.
  • Lime applications will raise the ph in your soil.  Gypsum will not.  Most soil tests we have done in the West Michigan area show ph levels being high enough.
  • Sulfur is a nutrient that is on the low side in the majority of soil tests we have done.
  • We are getting a color response from gypsum where that would not happen with lime.  At least not immediately.
  • Gypsum is a great soil conditioner for heavy soils.

So where does lime fit in?

Lime is still a product we will use.  Where a soil test has been done or on a site where we know the ph is going to be too low we will use lime.  Indications that the soil is acidic (low pH) would be...

  • Sandy Soil
  • Moss growing in full sun areas
  • The weed "red sorrel" is an indicator of low pH
  • Subdivisions that were previously blueberry fields or are near them may have a low pH level.
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