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Mole Control

Mole Control is a very popular and effective program here at AAA Lawn Care, Inc.  I think you will agree that moles are a pain in the neck.  They can destroy a perfectly good lawn in a very short amount time.  Of course, they are also a pain in the neck to get rid of. 

Moles are like many wild animals. They move about in search of food. As moles search for food, they also are making a mess of your lawn. A mole will eat a variety of insect larva in the soil. Grubs are one of those larva. However, many experts believe as much of 90% of a mole's diet is earthworms. For this reason, applying an insecticide to eliminate the insect larva (grubs), does not guarantee the moles will leave your lawn. They may be very content just eating earthworms. Therefore, we apply an insecticide only when there is direct grub damage to your lawn. The insecticide application may or may not encourage the mole to leave.

Give us a try!  We have the only mole bait proven to kill moles.

Although this product is effective, it doesn't work overnight. It can take up to 30 days for the initial treatment to kill the moles. Our service includes 2 visits from us, approximately 2 weeks apart. If there is continued mole activity, we will return at no charge to reapply as needed through December 31st of the year the service is scheduled.

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