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White Grubs are turf-damaging larva that feed on the root system of grass plants in your lawn.  These grubs are the larval stage of the May Beetle, June Beetle, Masked Chafer, European Chafter, Japanese Beetle and various other shelled beetles. 

Grubs really only damage lawns in the Spring and Fall.  This damage can occur very rapidly if you are not watching.  We use a specific product when grub damage has been confirmed.  This will stop any more lawn from being destroyed.  This is important because grub damaged areas typically will need to be reseeded.  It is advised to use a grub preventative as a follow up application in the summer if you have active grub damage in a given season.

Preventative grub control products applied in mid-summer are very successful in controlling grubs.  Grubs mature into beetles in early summer, then they mate and lay new eggs back into the soil for a new generation to begin. This is a 12-month cycle that can re-infest your lawn with grubs each year. For this reason you may want to consider a preventative insecticide every year for your lawn.  It is a very good idea if you suspect your neighbors of having a grub infestation or if you have had grub damage in the past.

Please note: There is a common belief that a mole problem is related to grubs in the lawn. This is only partially true. Moles do feed on grubs, but the majority of a mole's diet is earthworms. In most cases, an insecticide will not eliminate the moles.

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