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Core Aeration Service


Here's how it works...

As the aeration machine goes across your lawn, soil cores are pulled from the ground and laid on top of your lawn.  By poking thousands of these holes in your lawn the following benefits occur:

  • Improved air exchange
  • Enhanced soil water uptake
  • Improved fertilizer uptake
  • Reduced water run-off
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Enhanced heat tolerance
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown
  • Promoted root growth

In simple terms, a lot of things happen that are beneficial to your lawn!

Although core aeration is beneficial on all lawns, the following types of lawns should really have this done on an annual basis as part of your lawn care program:

  • Lawns with poor soil (clay, backfill, etc.)
  • Lawns with thin grass
  • High traffic lawns (kids, pets, etc.)
  • Old lawns that need to be reinvigorated
  • Lawns with a high level of thatch
  • If you are going to overseed your lawn
  • Semi Shaded Lawns

Once your lawn has been aerated, here are some helpful hints... Leave the cores. It is not recommended to rake these up. Just continue to water and mow normally and the cores will break down and disappear within a week or so.

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