“I just want to tell you what a nice job you do!” -Mr. Courson -Jenison “We are moving into an independent living facility, but I wanted to THANK YOU for a great service! Your technicians are always very nice & professional.” -Mrs. Camburn -Holland Mr. is a recipient of senior meals-on-wheels and wanted to Thank the guys for volunteering to del
A common myth among home owners is that moles hibernate during winter.  Unfortunately, moles are active even throughout the colder months.  Here’s what you can do to control them. Moles are one of the most common lawn pests in West Michigan.  Although one might assume they hibernate over the winter, they typically just bury deeper down in search of
Growing turfgrasses in partial shade is possible, but not easy.  To grow grass in the shade will require at least three to four hours of direct sunlight during the day.  A tree canopy that has been thinned to allow filtered sunlight most of the day allows grass to better grow under the canopy.  However, turf growing under these conditions will not
“I am very pleased with Paul. He always is in a good mood and is very polite. I am very happy with the terrific job he is doing.” – Mr. Pfent- Grand Rapids “Adam is always offering helpful suggestions. We have the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. Very happy with the service we receive.” – Mrs. Lahaie- Allendale “Taylor has done a wonderful jo
“Matt does a great job!”- Mr. Holder- Holland “Nate does an excellent job. It’s a pleasure to have him.” – Mr. VanPutten-Byron Center “Matt does a great job!” – Mr. Boersen- Hamilton “Nate has done a great job on our grass. Pleasant person!” – Mr. Miller- Wyoming “Comments you leave are good reminders. Employees are polite and friendly.”- Mr. Brigg
“Ryan A. does professional work. And an awesome job on my lawn!” – Mrs. Tarala-Sparta Nolan’s customer said, “Your team rock’s!” – Mr. Engemann- Grand Rapids “I’m very happy with Terry doing my lawn. He did a great job in 2016 and now in 2017. It’s awesome when you can see great work!! I would love to give him 6 stars but I can only do 5!!” -Mr. Ra
“Terry’s done a really good job! He’s turned this lawn around. Huge improvement with the wild violets!” -Mr. Wurtz-Muskegon “Ed does a great job! I really appreciate everything he’s been doing. Up until Ed came in, we were overrun with ants and other creepy crawlies. He’s always so prompt and courteous. Whenever we see him he’s informative, profess
If your lawn isn’t looking healthy, it may be struggling with issues such as excessive thatch, soil compaction, and poor drainage.  Luckily, core aeration is an easy way to alleviate all three of these issues in one service.  Aeration also helps create growth pockets for new roots and opens the way for fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn
Throughout August we have been seeing quite a few different lawns with chinch bug activity.  These tiny insects can cause extensive damage to the lawn when they feed on grass.  If your lawn appears to be struggling even with regular watering, chinch bugs could possibly be the cause: What are they? Chinch bugs are very small insects, with adults jus
Mr. called just to let us know how much he loves our service. He said Brian was just out today and did a great job. He said Brian always goes the extra mile and loves that he always says hello when he is there. He also mentioned Trevor is great too! Noted that both technicians are good at communication and good at what they do. – Mr. Leask-Muskegon
“Stu is a keeper! You don’t ever want to lose him. He is personable, goes out of his way to do a great job, and is a great guy! I’m calling this in instead of mailing the card back!” – Mr. Dekkinga- Hudsonville “JD has gone above and beyond with our lawn care. He has done a great job and I wanted to let him know he is appreciated!” – Mr. Ogden-Spri
“Trevor is doing great! Very pleasant young man. I can actually see the granular fertilizer this year, yeah!!” -Mrs. Willea- Muskegon      “Your people (Kyle & Paul) are SO nice, Keep up the great work!” -Mr. & Mrs. Meyer-Coopersville “John communicates well. I like him and he does a good job- Knowledgeable !!”-Mrs. Salamone-Kentwood “Nate
“I am very pleased with the lawn care service from JD. We have seen a tremendous difference in the lawn!” – Mr. Birkhold-Spring Lake “Trevor is doing a wonderful job!” – Mrs. Willea-Muskegon “Both guys who do our yard (Ryan), and Bug Guard (Paul) are great!! Thank -you all!” -Mr. Elam- Comstock Park “Great job Nathan! I like the call ahead so I kno
“Ed is so great, I love when he calls before coming, he is great about that. He is just so awesome.” -Mrs. Riggle- Hudsonville “Ryan has been very helpful and pro-active in answering my lawn care questions and follow-up visits.”- Mr. Matheson- Comstock Park “I am very pleased with how my lawn looks. It looks really nice, thanks Nate.”- Mrs. Wiltz-G
“I appreciate Casey getting out to look at my lawn. Whatever he did sure turned my lawn around. The lawn is looking great!” -Mr. Ringle - Rockford “I just wanted to say how good my yard looks and thank you to Terry!” -Mrs. Singleton - North Muskegon “Terry does such a great job for us!” – Mrs. Danz - North Muskegon “Trevor is doing a fantastic job
“Ryan is great. Upbeat, friendly, and smart. Especially about the grubs. I hope he is assigned to us for the rest of the season!”-Mr. Kuzdal-Grandville “Matt was out this week earlier, and did a really great job. I am very happy.”- Mrs. Senior-Holland “Thanks Terry, the lawn is looking much better!”- Mrs. Briggs-Muskegon “Keith helped us with branc
“Tell Ryan he is doing a great job! The yard looks nice.” – Mr. Chambers, Comstock Park "Brother helps her with the lawn and had nothing but good things to say about you! He said, “I just want to compliment Eddie-he really knows what he’s talking about! He was very helpful, very pleasant. He’s a keeper.” Mrs. Tindle- Grand Rapids “Random question.
“I am really happy that Nathan took the time to blow off the driveway from the granules. I really like the tech I have this year!” -Mrs. Blelecki-Grand Rapids “Jim does a great job with our lawn care!” – Mr. Denker-Ada “I have already noticed a big difference with Bug Guard Spider & Bug Control thanks to Paul, and I love it! Taylor, my yard loo
Drought stress is a term those of us in the lawn care industry use to describe symptoms seen in lawns due to lack of water.  There are three basic stages of drought stress: The 1 st Stage: The grass plant starts to change color from green to a matte gray color.  Also, your grass appearance will go from lush to more of a dried-out look.  During this
“Eddie is very courteous and helpful with the last fertilization & weed control application; the backyard looks wonderful after applying 14-14-14.” -Mr. Mockabee- Grand Rapids “I really appreciate Nate spraying the weeds in my lawn when he was there for the neighbor’s yard. It was great that he took the initiative to do it without me asking. Th
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