A common name for this disease is "frog eye" dueto the appearance of the patches. NRS is a nasty turf disease and it is difficult to eliminate from your lawn. NRS is a patch disease caused by a fungus that infects the roots of Kentucky bluegrass. It is most active during the Spring and Fall when temperatures are cool and soil moisture is high.
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  My yard is full of trees. Big ones. Maple and oaks. My maples are beautiful in the Fall. However, big trees equals lots of leaves. I live in a subdivision and getting rid of them can be a real hassle. I don't have woods to dump them in. I would have to pay for disposal bags or find some other way to remove them from my property. I would say a lot people are in this situation.
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One of our technicians was called to a lawn that was not looking right. He pulled up the turf and this is what he found. Grubs. Everywhere.
Long story short.  A group of soccer parents (in another part of the state) were upset that their kids had to play varsity soccer games at an elementary school instead of the varsity football field.  The school says it will ruin the field.  The local lawn care company says soccer is good for the field because soccer games will aerate the field, etc.  I think you get the point.
I have been seeing a lot of dry lawns during my travels around West Michigan. A lot of us have turned our irrigation systems down or off since the weather has cooled off.  Me included. So I guess this is just a reminder that your lawn may need a drink until we get significant rain fall.
Brown patches caused by Drought Stress Drought stress is a lawn condition that causes areas of your lawn to turn brown due to lack of water. Drought Stress can occur very quickly. Virtually overnight, large patches of brown grass or even tire tracks from the lawn mower appear in your lawn. This is caused by your lawn becoming dry followed by a period of adequate irrigation or rain.
Crabgrass grows close to the ground and islight green in color. I do not like crabgrass at all.  It is a pain in the behind.  Not only does it not look very good, it is difficult to manage.  Of course, crabgrass just loves the hot & humid weather we have enjoyed the last couple of weeks.  Crabgrass grows stronger as your lawn become weaker due to the heat.
It is going to be one hot week here in West Michigan.  The weather forecast is calling for 90 degree days and plenty of humidity.  All of this heat and humidity is going to have some negative effects on your lawn.
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