Our technicians are what makes AAA Lawn Care a great company.  We pride ourselves on awesome customer service and great lawn care.  These testimonials come directly from our customers through hand written letters, notes on payment stubs & conversations with our customer service team.  We recognize the technicians who receive these testimonials at our monthly company meetings.  Thank you to those who take a little time to express their gratitude for the service they receive.  Our employees really appreciate it.

Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - March 2018


“I just want to tell you what a nice job you do!” -Mr. Courson -Jenison

“We are moving into an independent living facility, but I wanted to THANK YOU for a great service! Your technicians are always very nice & professional.” -Mrs. Camburn -Holland

Mr. is a recipient of senior meals-on-wheels and wanted to Thank the guys for volunteering to deliver meals. “It was always great to see them,” he said. -Mr. Carrington

“Thank you, I love the notes the technician writes.” -Mr. & Mrs. Kamyszek -Coopersville

“J.B. does an awesome job for us! He takes care of our lawn and the moles, and keeps it looking good! Please let everyone know what a great employee you have in J.B.!” -Mr. Jennings -Grand Rapids

“We love our lawn! J.D. does such a good job. Even now when a lot of lawns are brown, well ours ‘Don’t look too shabby!’”-Mrs. Radosvich -Spring Lake

“J.B. is a very polite man that knows what he is doing. He has taken excellent care of the lawn and it shows. He is a great representative of your company!” -Mr. Lago -Grand Rapids

“Great job Stuart! Keep up the excellent communication!” -Mr. Smith -Hudsonville

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - November 2017


“I am very pleased with Paul. He always is in a good mood and is very polite. I am very happy with the terrific job he is doing.” – Mr. Pfent- Grand Rapids

“Adam is always offering helpful suggestions. We have the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. Very happy with the service we receive.” – Mrs. Lahaie- Allendale

“Taylor has done a wonderful job for me. My lawn really looks nice!” – Mrs. Kleinman- Rockford

“I want you to know pleased I am with Nate. I think he does a great job!” – Mrs. Wiltz – Grand Rapids

“Really pleased with the changes in my lawn. Grass is thicker and greener. I appreciate your attention to my specific lawn needs. Thank you!” – Mrs. Berg-Comstock Park

“Trevor does a nice job!” – Mr. Bloomfield- Muskegon

“I am really happy with this year’s applications. Paul and John are doing a great job!” -Mr. Fulkerson- Grand Rapids

“Dan and Ed do a fine job with my applications for Lawn Care and Bug Guard. Your company overall has been great.”- Mr. Land- Grand

“Brandon does a very thorough job. Very pleasant to talk to.” – Mr. Weed – Grand Rapids

“JB did a great job-very friendly guy!” – Mrs. TerMeer- Grand Rapids

“Grass looks great this year. Very happy with how the lawn looks, despite the dry weather. Thank you!!” – Mr. & Mrs. Heagle – Bryon Center

“Another great summer and another great job by JB. See you next year! Ho! Ho! Ho!” – Mr. Hawkins – Grand Rapids

“Thanks Brian! We appreciate your good work. Have a great winter!” – Zarlengo- Spring Lake

“Nice job, Ryan! See you in the spring!” – Mr. Chalmers-Comstock Park

“Our lawn has never looked better. Thanks, Matt!” – Mr. Holden-Holland

“Made our yard look great, even with a dry summer. We definitely recommend to other!” – Mr. Buiss- Zeeland

“Your price is a little higher, but I was very impressed with Adam. He took the time to talk to me about my lawn and I really like that!” – Mr. Harlett- Jenison

“Always appreciate the little note left at the time of service. Taylor has been awesome!” (Yes, with TWO underlines!!!) – Mr. & Mrs. Fliearman- Greenville

“Another year of excellent lawn care service. When I am asked why my lawn looks so nice, I tell them AAA.” – Mr. Stephan- Byron Center

“I appreciate the advance call. Brandon is very courteous and does a thorough job. Great results!” – Mr. Briggs – Grand Rapids

“Excellent job this season at both properties! Have a great holiday season! Thank you!” – Mr. Dimitriou – Grand Rapids

“I plugged in my lights in a week ago (yes, I know, a little early) that your 2 guys decorated. First of all, this thank you is way overdue. Not only do the 2 gentlemen that did the decorating deserve a HUGE thank you, but everyone I have ever has contact with at AAA, you are all exceptionally caring people, easy to do business with, etc. etc. My phone and emails have not stopped, nothing but praise for how the trees look and yard overall. Thank you too Dan, for taking care of all the different locations. Keep up the GREAT customer service.” – Mr. Loftis at Loftis machine

“Our technician, James, is great. He goes above and beyond and is always friendly.” -Mrs. Moran- Grand Rapids

“I love sitting outside without bees attacking us. Brian is awesome and a joy to have around!” -Mr. & Mrs. Lutz- Ravenna

“Wishing you a season of friendship and love. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for taking care of our lawn.” – Mr. & Mrs. Middlecamp- North Muskegon

“Ryan A. did a good job on the lawn this year.” – Mrs. Bres- Comstock Park.

“Great Lawn Care Service-Lawn looks great; more than happy with the color of our lawn.” -Mrs. Swartz-Grand Rapids

“Looks like a new yard since spring. We are really happy!” – Mr. & Mrs. Vander Hout – Grand Rapids

“As every year past, you have the most pleasant techs and this year it is Terry!” -Mrs. Buckingham -Muskegon Heights

“Merry Christmas. We love your work and we so very much appreciate the friendly and courteous services. See you in 2018!” -The Meyer Family -Coopersville

“You’re doing GREAT! Great job J.B.!” -Mr. Wehler -Grand Rapids

Mrs. was worried about Kyle H. while he was gone. She thinks he does a super job and said you’re a great guy!” -Mrs. Grillo -Coopersville

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - October 2017


“Matt does a great job!”- Mr. Holder- Holland

“Nate does an excellent job. It’s a pleasure to have him.” – Mr. VanPutten-Byron Center

“Matt does a great job!” – Mr. Boersen- Hamilton

“Nate has done a great job on our grass. Pleasant person!” – Mr. Miller- Wyoming

“Comments you leave are good reminders. Employees are polite and friendly.”- Mr. Briggs- Grand Rapids

“Yea! No spiders hanging all over. Love it! Thanks for great service. The guys have been great. See you next year! Have a safe winter!” – Mrs. Williea- Muskegon

“Brian is awesome! Thank you!” – Mr. Hooper- N. Muskegon

“We like how Mike used the blower to blow off extra fertilizer from the driveway-because our dogs like to eat it! Great job!” Mrs. Kanyszek- Coopersville

Mr. is extremely happy with his lawn and the way it looks! He said the front was struggling a little and whatever you applied at the last app really helped bring it back. Also noticed that you completely cleared out the mole issue in the back. Way to go Stu!” – Mr. Tanis- Hudsonville

“You’re doing a great job, Adam, I’ve seen a big improvement in the lawn.” – Mr. Adams- Allendale

“Trevor has done an excellent job. He openly communicates and is very thorough and timely with the applications.” – Mr. Boes- Norton Shores.

“Please tell Greg and Mike O. they do an awesome job! They’re good people with exceptional communication skills, and following through on what has been said!” – Mr. Phillips- Grand Rapids.

“Great techs(Brandon). Great office staff (Ladies). Great results. Mrs. Arndt- Grand Rapids

Very happy with Nate S. (10+) – Mrs. Wysocki- Grand Rapids

“Good job, Brandon. Thanks!” – Mr. Nguyen- Grand Rapids

“The grass looks so much better! 😊 Kyles input and info was appreciated!” – Mrs. Grant- Nunica

“Many thanks to Terry for keeping my lawn green, job well done. Also, thanks for bringing garbage cans to the garage. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you in the spring.” -Mrs. Hall- Muskegon

“My family has been a client of AAA Lawn Care for several years. I want to let you know that we are very happy with our lawn care service and truly adore our technician, JB. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and personable. We enjoy seeing him when he comes to apply a fertilizer application and always look forward to seeing him again. Please give JB a “high-five” or “thumbs up” from my family, as we will continue to look forward to doing business with your company. Thank you.” – Mrs. Iacovoni-Grand Rapids

“We haven’t seen any spiders or ants since the last 2 Bug Guard applications have been applied!”- New Life Church-Parsonage -Grand Rapids

“Great job controlling the weeds JB!”- New Life Church – Grand Rapids

“We can’t wait to have the Christmas lights put back on this year! They looked awesome and we received a lot of compliments!”- Mrs. Miller- Spring Lake

“We just loved Adam! He was so great!” -Mrs. Vanderveen- Allendale

“Thanks so much with the help for getting rid of the skunk issues! Very helpful!”- Mrs. Genung-Holland

“I’m circling a 10 on your survey, I’m so surprised that by the middle of the year Ryan F. had my lawn coming back around.” -Mr. Groendyk- Grandville

“Brian is very polite, leaves great notes and does an awesome job!”- Mrs. Strothmann- Spring Lake

“Brandon is such a nice young man! He made sure another man working in my yard was supposed to be there. So considerate!” – Mrs. Postma- Grand Rapids

“Trevor does a great job!” – Mrs. Skinner- Muskegon

“Everyone from you folks have been great! I am one happy camper!” – Mr. McClintic -Grand Rapids

“Today Adam applied lawn fertilizer and weed control. He did an excellent job and would like to have him as out tech in the future. We noticed that he came back and put some grass seed down in some of the bald spots- first time we have seen that, Thank you so much Adam!”- Mr. & Mrs. McNamara- Fruitport

 “Alex does a great job! He’s very courteous, helpful, and did an excellent job. He took the time to help us with our situation!” -Mr. & Mrs. Yonkers – Grand Rapids

“thank you for making our lawn look so nice!”- Mr. Jonkman – Allendale

“We love you! The yard looks great! Staff is very courteous! Highly recommend you to anyone who asks.” – Mr. & Mrs. Meyer – Coopersville

“Very pleased with the service and staff- wonderful company!” – Mrs. Black- Wyoming

“I love how we have absolutely no weeds and beautiful green grass!! Thank you!” - Mrs. Perez – Grand Rapids

“Very knowledgeable! Great work! Outstanding customer service!!” Mr. McKeiver- Grand Rapids

“You do a great job for us! We really appreciate it. Thanks!” -Mr. Mundt- Grand Rapids

“Matt is doing a great job for us!” Mrs. Demink – Holland

“The stink bugs were really bad this year. Our Bug Guard program kept them out of the house! I like the service!” – Mrs. Skinner- Grand Rapids

“Good job again! Lawn problems taken care of on the spot!” -Mr. Molewyk- Zeeland

“Thank you for care for our lawn. Have a warm winter!” -Mrs. Cmiljic- Jenison

“I wanted to Thank you for the work you do on our lawn all season. Hope your holidays are great!” – Mr. & Mrs. Elam – Comstock Park

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Lawn & Pest Control Testimonials - September 21, 2017


“Ryan A. does professional work. And an awesome job on my lawn!” – Mrs. Tarala-Sparta

Nolan’s customer said, “Your team rock’s!” – Mr. Engemann- Grand Rapids

“I’m very happy with Terry doing my lawn. He did a great job in 2016 and now in 2017. It’s awesome when you can see great work!! I would love to give him 6 stars but I can only do 5!!” -Mr. Rayment- Twin Lake

“Kyle has done an awesome job for us this year! We will definitely be using AAA next year!” -Mr. Ames-Nunica

“Brandon is well educated and very conscientious about our lawn care. We have never utilized our lawn more than we have this year!!!”- Mr. Monte-Grand Rapids

“Please let Brian know we appreciate the quality service and look forward to seeing him next year! 😊” – Mrs. Anderson with Tun-Dra Kennels-Nunica

“Jim has been fantastic. In just this first year he’s helped me take a tired, old lawn to new health and growth. He’s always available to answer questions and offer suggestions. Please thank him!”- Ms. Hoyt-Ada

“John has done a great job getting rid of weeds. I like how he keeps me informed with his notes.” – Mrs. Boss-Grand Rapids

“Thank you, Ryan F., for the help with my lawn!! I appreciate you! 😊” -Ms. Jensen-Grandville

“Ed’s been doing a very good job. I love the Bug Guard !!” – Mrs. Bakara-Grand Haven

“We’re so pleased! We’ve finally got rid of the violets! Terry -very nice guy!! Very helpful info!” -Mr. Singleton-Muskegon

“Matt did a great job-if we had a problem, he was right here with answers and solutions. Thanks!!” – Mr. VanHeukelon & Mrs. Johnson-Holland

“Brandon should be considered a very valuable employee. He does what he says he will – almost unheard of in today’s world. I look forward to his service. Your company is only good as your employees!” – Mrs. Strohpaul- Grand Rapids

“I’m very pleased with my lawn care & pest control service techs (Terry & Brian) and want the same thing again next year!” – Mr. Edlund- Muskegon

“Very happy with John K. Also, good communication with the office as well as John!” – Mrs. Salamone-Kentwood

“Ryan A. & Paul are great!!” – Mr. Elam- Comstock Park

“Terry is very easy to work with, explains questions well, and seems very conscious- a good employee!” – Mr. Kanaar- Muskegon

“Trevor is doing a great job. He is also a very pleasant guy, very polite. I can see the lawn fertilizer!” – Mrs. Willea-Muskegon

“Terry does an excellent job!” -Mrs. Wilburn-Muskegon

“Same, we appreciate your thorough service!” -Mrs. Lane-Wayland

“Ryan A.’s doing a bang-up job. Always informative and responsive to my calls.” – Mr. Matheson- Comstock Park

“I really like Ryan F., I sure hope he is my tech next year. He is a really good kid and he has turned my yard around. I think AAA Lawn Care is great with their employees. The Meals on Wheels idea is so awesome. I think you all do a great job!!” – Mr. Nelson- Zeeland

“I am really impressed with both of my tech, Paul and Taylor, the lawn is really looking good.” – Mr. Green- Cedar springs

“Adam goes above and beyond to help me with my lawn. He even took my phone call out in the field to answer my questions. I appreciate the job he is doing.” – Mr. Koopmans-Jenison

“Our lawn has looked really good in the last two years since we added four more applications. All of your workers did a great job! Thank you, Dan and John!” – Mr. & Mrs. Jackman- Grand Haven

“My lawn looks awesome and I will highly recommend AAA!” - Mr. Lopez-West Olive

“Thank you so much for the friendly, excellent service. Jim Anderson is the best!” -Mrs. Roelofs, Ada

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - September 12, 2017


“Terry’s done a really good job! He’s turned this lawn around. Huge improvement with the wild violets!” -Mr. Wurtz-Muskegon

“Ed does a great job! I really appreciate everything he’s been doing. Up until Ed came in, we were overrun with ants and other creepy crawlies. He’s always so prompt and courteous. Whenever we see him he’s informative, professional, and funny!”- Mrs. Blomquist-Grand Haven

“Ed does a great job. I also appreciate his comments on my new deck.”- Mr. Moore- Holland

“Tell Ryan A. to keep up the good work, the yard looks great!”- Mr. Chalmers-Comstock Park

“Austin did a real job on the 28th!! --even in difficult spots!”-Mrs. Clemente-Spring Lake

“AAA Lawn Care is the best. I recommend you to all my friends. Paul & Taylor great job; always really helpful with questions I may have. Thanks for the great service.”-Mrs. Andrews-Greenville

“Our lawn looks great and we appreciate the suggestions from Ryan F.”-Mr. Foster- Granville

“JD, Brian, and everyone at AAA are so nice and if I have an issue it’s taken care of, no problem.”-Mrs. Rogers- Fruitport

“Almost all of the weeds are gone and the lawn looks great! Thanks to Terry.” -Mrs. Briggs-Muskegon

“Overall Terry has been doing an awesome job. I hope he is my rep next season.”- Mr. Collins-Muskegon

“Brian does a good job! He is very helpful at answering any of our questions or concerns. 5 stars! -Mr. Weaver-Fruitport

“Thanks, JD! We saw a photo of our backyard and lawn and it looks beautiful. We appreciate your good work!” -Mrs. Zarlengo-Spring Lake

“Ryan F. does a good job!”- Mr. Kempkers-Zeeland

“Brandon does my apps now and he does an excellent job!”-Mr. Haan- Grand Rapids.

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - August 2017


Mr. called just to let us know how much he loves our service. He said Brian was just out today and did a great job. He said Brian always goes the extra mile and loves that he always says hello when he is there. He also mentioned Trevor is great too! Noted that both technicians are good at communication and good at what they do. – Mr. Leask-Muskegon

Mrs. Really appreciates Jared for taking care of her bee’s nest! She said he was quick to come out and did a great job. – Mrs. Roskam- Grand Rapids

“This has been the best season I’ve had as a customer of AAA. Thank you so much Terry for the great service!” – Mrs. Netzler- Muskegon

“Kyle H. takes good care of our yard!” -Mr. Bacon-Coopersville

“Very impressed with the job your company is doing. Your Tech, J.D., is always polite and very helpful” -Mr. Keift – Spring Lake

“Stu does a tremendous job on my lawn! It’s still the best-looking lawn on my street!” -Mr. Jenkins-Hudsonville

“Nathan is the best. He does a good job and knows what he is doing. Nathan takes pride in his work. I want him back next year. My yard looks great!” -Mrs. Preston-Grand Rapids

“Terry does a great job for us!” -Mrs. Eikenberry- Twin Lake

“Ed does a great job with our bug guard service. Really appreciate him!” -Mt. Christensen-

“J.D. is efficient, polite, professional, and answers my questions. Always calls first and is on time/Schedule!”- Mrs. Rositch- Spring Lake

“Thank you, J.D., for killing my weeds and clover. I am very pleased!” -Mr. Johnson – Norton Shores

“Trevor is always ready to answer questions about my lawn. He is Friendly and knowledgeable.” -Mr. Hall – Muskegon

“Charlie is great!!! Phone people are great as well!!” -Rev. Konopka – Rockford

“Brandon is such a nice young man and very thoughtful. He should be given a raise! Don’t lose this guy!!” – Mrs. Strohpaul – Grand Rapids.

“Just wanted to say that Stuart Jerome was most helpful and friendly when he came out to our home for the application. He answered many questions I had about dollar spots and red thread. Thank you for the advice and great service.” – Mr. Smith – Hudsonville

“Thank you for responding so quickly to my concern that my lawn had red thread. Trevor called the same day and made it to my house first thing the next morning. He tested the soil and diagnosed my problem as wilt shock. I will be watering more now. Many thanks for taking care of the problem.” – Mrs. McLaughlin – Muskegon

“I really appreciate being informed about chinch bugs. Thanks!” – Mr. Devling – Grand Rapids

“We are very happy with the job Ed has done for us this year!” – Mrs. Beauregard – Grand Haven

“Nice job! My yard is the best on the block, thanks to AAA Lawn Care!” – Mr. Thurston – Byron center

“We are very happy with what Nate has done to our lawn! It looks beautiful!” – Mrs. Yeo – Grand Rapids

“Casey was extremely helpful. Enjoyed talking with him.” – Mr. Falconer-Grand Haven

“I really like Ryan F. who is doing our lawn this year- personable, hardworking-really sweated up a storm last application!” - Mr. Kuzdal-Grandville

“I really like Matt, he is such a pleasant person. I used to own my own business and those are the kind of people you want!” -Mr. Crosley-Holland

“Thank you, Alex is the best!” -Mrs. Charbonneau – Grand Rapids

“Great service! Casey identifies my problem and quickly got it sprayed!” – Mrs. Kennedy-Grand Rapids     

“Adam and Jared are very efficient and professional- highly recommended to neighbors!” -Mr. Dongiovanni- Byron Center

“Thank you for calling before you come always prompt and friendly.” – Mrs. Adkins-Zeeland

“I always enjoy talking with Kyle-he answers all of my question! Very knowledgeable about his work and the outcomes!” -Mrs. Kamyszek-Coopersville

“Brandon is an excellent service tech for your company and I appreciate his work. Keep him, pay him more so he stays and keep him in my route!!” -Mrs. Stropaul-Grand Rapids

“Very pleased with this service. There have been no problems with bugs this year. Thank you Brian!” – Mrs. Dubuc- Spring Lake

“Your service to us has always been excellent-never a complaint.” - Mr. Edlund- Muskegon

“Terry is very knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly.” -Mr. Kanaar- Muskegon

“Justin really makes the lawn grow and keeps it weed free.” -Mr. Hulbert- Grand Rapids

“The grass looks really good…Ryan f. Is great!” – Mr. Hatrick- Byron Center

“Ryan F. is awesome. Always thorough and careful around my gardens.” – Mrs. Hadwin- Grandville

“Jim does a terrific job!” – Mrs. Bennett- Grand Rapids

“Bear really appreciated the dog treats! It was thoughtful of you, Thank you Kyle!” -Mr. & Mrs. Meyer- Coopersville

“Matt is great. Answers all my questions and helps me understand our lawn.” – Mrs. Hoekstra- Holland

“Thank you for spraying the weeds around my trees.” – Mrs. Signor- Grand Rapids

“Thank you, Alex, for taking care of the wasp’s nest. You did a good job!” -Mr. Sidor- Marne

“Trevor is always ready to answer questions about my lawn. He is friendly and knowledgeable.” – Mr. Hall- Muskegon

“I want you to know how incredible JB is. He is very thorough, nice, and does a nice job. Someone needs to know and recognize him. Tell the boss!!” – Mr. Briggs-Grand Rapids

“The ground look beautiful! Nate’s doing a great job!”- Mr. Fields of Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery-Byron Center

“Very pleased with the job Brandon is doing. Hoping to see big improvements in the yard with his help.” – Mrs. Crosby- Grand Rapids

“John K. and Brandon J. are very polite, nice young men who do the applications.” – Mr. & Mrs. Wibalda – Grand Rapids

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - July 25, 2017


“Stu is a keeper! You don’t ever want to lose him. He is personable, goes out of his way to do a great job, and is a great guy! I’m calling this in instead of mailing the card back!” – Mr. Dekkinga- Hudsonville

“JD has gone above and beyond with our lawn care. He has done a great job and I wanted to let him know he is appreciated!” – Mr. Ogden-Spring Lake

“John was very polite and helpful. He made sure my entire lawn was treated unlike the last person who drove the large machine over the dry grass and because of the large tractor was so large he could not treat under the trees and new grass. I would like john to treat my lawn in the future!!” Mrs. Strohpaul-Grand Rapids

“You’re good, too excellent! Nate helped me move large limbs from my backyard. Great buy for your company!” -Mrs. Hill -Wyoming

“I’m so happy with the Bug Guard service. I don’t have to worry about walking out of my door and stepping into spider webs. Brian is doing a great job.” – Mrs. Willea- Muskegon

“Ryan A. does a really great job! He takes the time to check the lawn for any other needs while he is there!” – Mrs. Tarala- Sparta

“Mr. gave us a “10” on his survey and said Nate is great, very helpful.” -Mr. VanPutten- Byron Center

“Matt, you guys are the best!” – Mr. Hager- Holland

“Casey & Charlie, Good Job! The weeds are under control and grass is green and thick where it rains. Technicians are friendly!” – Mrs. Konyndyle- Grand Rapids

“I appreciate John, So caring and Professional!” -Mrs. Klomparens- Grand Rapids

“Casey identified what is happening with the grass, applied more Nitrogen, and the grass looks awesome! Please share what you did with the other techs because it works!” -Mr. Larsen- Caledonia

“Very satisfied. Ryan does a great job.” – Mr. & Mrs. Hill- Sparta

“Ryan A. shows up in a timely matter and I like how he writes comments.” -Mr. Gahagan- Grand Rapids

“Ryan A. is doing a good job! Tell him to keep up the good work.” – Mr. Chalmers-Comstock Park

“Nathan does a good job on our lawn and is a nice young man!” Mr. Hall-Grand Rapids

“You are making our lawn look beautiful Ryan A.!” – Mr. Karel – Grand Rapids

“We like the notes Kyle H. writes! Thank you so much!” -Mr. & Mrs. Kamyszek- Coopersville

“My technician, Brian, is the BEST tech!!! He always does a thorough job, always friendly, and exerts great customer service skills. I hope AAA takes good care of him because employees like him are a rare breed of people. THANK YOU BRIAN!!” -Mr. Hooper

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - July 18, 2017


“Trevor is doing great! Very pleasant young man. I can actually see the granular fertilizer this year, yeah!!” -Mrs. Willea- Muskegon     

“Your people (Kyle & Paul) are SO nice, Keep up the great work!” -Mr. & Mrs. Meyer-Coopersville

“John communicates well. I like him and he does a good job- Knowledgeable !!”-Mrs. Salamone-Kentwood

“Nate is great! Friendly, courteous customer service as well! Thank you!”-Mr. Fernandez-Wyoming

“Mr. is ecstatic at how well his lawn looks! Thanks Kyle!” – Mr. Ames-Nunica

“We are so impressed with everyone including the girls who answer our phone calls. Always pleasant and helpful. Taylor is awesome and has been doing a great job getting our yard in shape. Thank you !!”-Mr. & Mrs. Fliearman – Greenville

“My yard looks better than it has in a long time-Thank you Nathan!” -Mrs. Rusisowski- Grand Rapids

“You’re too good, too excellent! Nate helped me move large limbs from my backyard. Great guy for your lawn care company!”-Mrs. Hill-Wyoming

“Nate does an Awesome job cleaning up and blowing off the driveway when he’s done! He’s the only one that’s ever done that!” – Mrs. Bidecki-Grand Rapids

“We are delighted to have Matt return to service our lawn. He does a great job. Thanks!”- Mr. West- Holland

“JB, thank you for your prompt service for mole control! I really appreciate it!” – Mrs. Kloet-Grand Rapids

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - July 11


“I am very pleased with the lawn care service from JD. We have seen a tremendous difference in the lawn!” – Mr. Birkhold-Spring Lake

“Trevor is doing a wonderful job!” – Mrs. Willea-Muskegon

“Both guys who do our yard (Ryan), and Bug Guard (Paul) are great!! Thank -you all!” -Mr. Elam- Comstock Park

“Great job Nathan! I like the call ahead so I know when he is coming.”-Mrs. Kennedy-Grand Rapids

“I know Trevor is a new technician this year, but he is so nice and he is doing a great job! The office staff is all so friendly and helpful too!” -Mrs. Carlson-Muskegon

“Matt is a wonderful guy, he does a very good job. He’s one of the reasons I stay with AAA Lawn Care!” – Mrs. Cook-Holland

“Your technicians (Charlie & John”), always do a thorough job. They take the time to apply liquid weed control to attack problem weed areas-I keep recommending AAA Lawn Care to neighbors” -Mr. Hoeksema-Grand Rapids

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - Week Ending July 6


“Ed is so great, I love when he calls before coming, he is great about that. He is just so awesome.” -Mrs. Riggle- Hudsonville

“Ryan has been very helpful and pro-active in answering my lawn care questions and follow-up visits.”- Mr. Matheson- Comstock Park

“I am very pleased with how my lawn looks. It looks really nice, thanks Nate.”- Mrs. Wiltz-Grand Rapids

“I’m pretty proud of Alex! I haven’t seen any ants since the last Bug Guard perimeter pest control application!”- Mrs. Elzinga-Grand Rapids

“Brandon did a great job at the last fertilizer & weed control application and left a really nice note on the work order. Keep up the great job!”-Mrs. Lewis- Belmont

“Thank you, Alex!”- Mrs. Zarlengo- Spring Lake

“Looks good Trevor!”- Mrs. All-Muskegon

“Alex, you are doing a very good job. Thank goodness, I haven’t had ants in the house. Well I did have one black ant crawling up my leg, scared the heck out of me.”- Mrs. Borgia-Grand Rapids

“The lawn has never looked better! Ryan has done an awesome job!”-Mrs. Tarala- Sparta

“J.D. always calls & always comes exactly when he says he will! Amazing!”-Mrs. Boersma- Spring Lake

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - Week Ending June 28


“I appreciate Casey getting out to look at my lawn. Whatever he did sure turned my lawn around. The lawn is looking great!” -Mr. Ringle - Rockford

“I just wanted to say how good my yard looks and thank you to Terry!” -Mrs. Singleton - North Muskegon

“Terry does such a great job for us!” – Mrs. Danz - North Muskegon

“Trevor is doing a fantastic job on the lawn this year!” – Mrs. Alexander - Muskegon

“I just wanted you to know how respectful Terry is. He did such a good job on out lawn and we are really happy with him.” – Mrs. Wygant - North Muskegon

Mr. stopped in to say hello and shake hands. He wants to let everyone know what a great job Taylor is doing and that he appreciates him. -Mr. Bond - Rockford

Mr. & Mrs. both said they really appreciated that Stu called about the house being for sale; said that was very astute of you! Also mentioned that AAA Lawn Care is the best lawn service they’ve ever had!! -Mr. & Mrs. Flietstra - Hudsonville

“Kyle M. did an awesome job on my Flea & Tick pest control application, I called to compliment him and hope I get to see him again!” -Mr. Smith- Grand Rapids

“You provide a good lawn care service, Thank you!” – Mrs. Polise - Comstock Park

“Terry provides us with great service.” – Mrs. Noble- North Muskegon

“My lawn looks great since you guys took over. Trevor is doing a fantastic job!” -Mrs. Muchna-Norton Shores

“Kody did a really nice job on the core aeration!” -Mr. Eggenscwiler -Holland

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - Week Ending June 22


“Ryan is great. Upbeat, friendly, and smart. Especially about the grubs. I hope he is assigned to us for the rest of the season!”-Mr. Kuzdal-Grandville

“Matt was out this week earlier, and did a really great job. I am very happy.”- Mrs. Senior-Holland

“Thanks Terry, the lawn is looking much better!”- Mrs. Briggs-Muskegon

“Keith helped us with branches we were moving and I greatly appreciate it. He didn’t have to do that, but I am sure glad he did!”- Mrs. Meekhof-Grand Rapids

“Jared left a note to Mr. about the mailbox, Mr. was very appreciative of the note and said he already has fixed it.”

“Thank you, Alex, for doing such a great job & not spraying my windows”- Mrs. Warg-Grand Rapids

“My technician is terry and he is doing a fantastic job! He is also very pleasant and I appreciate that he always gets back to me on the phone when I have a question and to let me know when he is coming. My lawn looks fabulous! It has NEVER looked so good in the last ten years! I’ve had people ask me about it I always tell them it’s AAA!!”-Mrs. Gervais-Twin Lake

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - Week Ending June 14


“Tell Ryan he is doing a great job! The yard looks nice.” – Mr. Chambers, Comstock Park

"Brother helps her with the lawn and had nothing but good things to say about you! He said, “I just want to compliment Eddie-he really knows what he’s talking about! He was very helpful, very pleasant. He’s a keeper.” Mrs. Tindle- Grand Rapids

“Random question. Our AAA guy Paul, is great and removes bee’s nests and is really nice. Do people usually tip their technicians? Or does he just really love his job?”- Mr. Visser- Conlin

“Brian did such a good job at getting rid of the ants!” – Mrs. Newell- Spring lake

“Jim is a very good technician and he is very thorough, my husband and I agree that he is best!”- Mrs. Gerard – Marne


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Lawn Care & Pest Control Testimonials - Week Ending June 7, 2017


“I am really happy that Nathan took the time to blow off the driveway from the granules. I really like the tech I have this year!” -Mrs. Blelecki-Grand Rapids

“Jim does a great job with our lawn care!” – Mr. Denker-Ada

“I have already noticed a big difference with Bug Guard Spider & Bug Control thanks to Paul, and I love it! Taylor, my yard looks great too! AAA Lawn Care is a world’s difference from True Green!” – Mr. Shuart-Cedar Springs

“So far, so good! Keith is very helpful. Thank you!!”- Mrs. Strohpaul-Grand Rapids

“Nathan was very polite and pleasant. He asked if we had issues-which we did not.”-Mrs. Johnson-Grand Rapids

“Charlie was one of the nicest guys! He was very professional and went the extra mile on my lawn.”- Mr. Baxter- North Muskegon

“I appreciate all of you and your professionalism and interest in your customers. Thanks to John for calling me before he comes. God bless you all”- Mrs. Klomperans-Grand Rapids

“I get the best customer service with Eddie! Thanks!”-Mr. Engemann and fur friend Reggie

“Casey, thank you for the effort in seeding the area you got stuck in, it’s been a problem area for a long time.” -Mr. Rikkers-Comstock Park

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Technician Testimonials - Week Ending May 31, 2017


“Eddie is very courteous and helpful with the last fertilization & weed control application; the backyard looks wonderful after applying 14-14-14.” -Mr. Mockabee- Grand Rapids

“I really appreciate Nate spraying the weeds in my lawn when he was there for the neighbor’s yard. It was great that he took the initiative to do it without me asking. Thank you SO much!!”- Mrs. Wiltz-Grand Rapids

“I love James, he does a wonderful job on our lawn.”-Mr. Zimmerman-Grand Rapids.

“Nate is doing a great job! I know it may take a couple of service calls to get control of the weeds. Please tell Nate he is doing a great job!”-Mr. Richmond-Byron Center

“Eddie did a great job today! He spent extra time on the weeds and went above the call of duty!”-Mr. Marble-Grand Rapids

“I am so happy the weeds are dead. Thanks Stu.”-Mr. Vanandel-Hudsonville

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Lawn Care Technician Testimonials - Week Ending May 19, 2017


“Matt, I really appreciate you, you do a great job with our lawn care program.” -Mrs. Berrhurst-Hamilton

“You are the first person ever to get my crabgrass under control. I am amazed at how great the lawn looks, it’s the best that’s its ever looked since I’ve lived here and it keeps getting better.” Mr. Rand- Ada

“I just wanted to drop a note and think our Bug Guard tech, Alex, for taking a minute to ask before spraying for insects on my patio. My children and grand babies are in town for a short visit until next week and the young man was nice enough to ask before starting his work. I would much rather deal with angry insects than an angry new mother! Thanks for the great service!” Mr. Emery- Grandville

“We love our Bug Guard tech, Paul, he is so wonderful!” -Mrs. Guminski-Belmont

“I appreciate the extra attention and care you have put into our yard. So far, so good. The new grass seed is coming in nicely. We’ll see what it does this summer. Thanks again to you & AAA Lawn Care. You guys are great!!! We appreciate you and your company!!” Mr. & Mrs. Wilson-Zeeland

Matt, Mr. really appreciates that you’re putting in the extra effort to get the grubs taken care of so quickly. When I told him you’d be out the next morning, he said, “I love it. You’re beautiful people.” – Mr. Post- Holland

“I’m glad my neighbor, Tony, went with your company! Your tech, Trevor, does a great job.” – Mr. Leask- Muskegon

“Please thank Alex for coming back Tuesday, I didn’t expect my grandkids to be here Monday. I really appreciate him waiting the extra day.”- Mrs. Charbonnea – Grand Rapids

“Casey did such a nice job checking the moles and weeds. He has a great eye catching the mole that ran out right in front of us!!!” – Mr. Vanwingen- Rockford.

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Lawn Care Technician Testimonials - Week ending May 6, 2017


“Brian provides excellent service! He took the time and effort to take down a wasp’s nest that has been an eye sore from the peak of our roof.  We love your pest control service!”- Mrs. Anderson, Tun-Dra Kennels-Nunica

“Thank you, Paul, Kallie & Lacey thank you too!” – Mrs. Bloom-Sparta

“Joe, thank you so much for coming out and speaking to us. We appreciate your help in getting our lawn back on track.” – Mr. & Mrs. Bleckley-Coopersville

“Good job Casey.” – Mrs. Konyndyk-Grand Rapids

“I just want to give a shout out to my lawn care guy, JD and Bug Guard tech Brian, they do an amazing job!” -Mrs. Sanderson- Fruitport

“Matt did a fine job this morning! He did a very thorough application and was very professional too. I’m a former business owner and I would have loved to have a person like Matt work for me. Your whole organization is great!” -Mr. Crosley- Holland

“Thank you, Nate, for sticking dog treats in the bag with the estimate. That won me over and made me go with AAA.” -Mrs. Verwey-Wyoming

“Thank you for your company’s excellent service! We’re so happy to start another season with AAA Lawn Care! Happy Spring!” – Mrs. Stoll-Ada

“Everyone calls me and tells me how good my lawn looks. Thank you, Matt.” -Mrs. Zweip-Holland

“Stu is very happy and friendly.” -Mrs. Braun- Jenison

“JD, our lawn looks wonderful!” -Mrs. Sluis- Fruitport

“It was so nice of Nate to leave me a message of encouragement of a smooth recovery after surgery I was having done.” -Mrs. Hill-Wyoming

“Trevor and Brian did a great job on my lawn, they are very professional and I like that they took the time to talk with me. You really act like you love your job and that is so great.” -Mr. Leask-Muskegon

“We are so pleased with your staff, we find the lawn care service men to be extra knowledgeable and helpful and friendly. Also, the telephone staff makes us feel extra special and cared for, helpful, and friendly too. It is a pleasure doing business with AAA Lawn Care.” -Mrs. Bomers-Lowell

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Lawn Care Technician Testimonials - Week ending April 29, 2017

Lawn Care Technician Testimonials - Week ending April 29, 2017

“JD does an Amazing Job killing weeds” Mr. Said. - Mr. Gaskin – Spring Lake

“He is very persistent with the mole control applications. We love having him as our tech,” Mr. Said – Mr. McDonald – Grand Rapids

“I really appreciated Trevor removing the large branches from my lawn today when he did the application,” Mrs. Said – Mrs. Wiegmink-Muskegon

“I was so impressed with Adam, that I walked out to the mailbox and pulled out the contract I just signed for OC! He took time to talk to me and I like that! I want AAA for my lawn care service.” – Mr. Jeurink- Allendale

“Paul and Kyle are awesome and great to work with. They do a very good job and we love your lawn care service.” Mr. & Mrs. Grillo- Coopersville

“Jim does the best job I’ve ever seen in my years of getting lawn care service.” Mrs. Flemen- Muskegon

“Eddie is the reason I went with your company! Great follow-up on Eddie’s part and I like that,” Mrs. Blagdurn- East Grand Rapids

“It was starting to rain and Taylor knocked on the door to let her know her window was down, he is so courteous.” Mr. Aylsworth- Cedar Springs

“I am very impressed and thankful for Paul! He noticed some leaves from last fall that need to be removed due to a certain bug that loves this condition to live in thank you to Paul!” Mrs. Aylsworth- Greenville

“Tell Stu thank you, he will know what it means.” Mr. Devree- Hudsonville

Mrs. “sang your praises” today. Lawn is lush, even, green, and gorgeous” Mrs. Radosevich-Spring Lake

“It was good to meet Corey, he did a great job fertilizing our lawn!” Mr. McDonald-Grand Rapids

“Thank you, Kyle, for the note and the great job you do.” Mr. & Mrs. Kamyszek- Coopersville

“I really enjoyed talking with Eddie today! I know he knows what he is talking about and I know he will do a good with our lawn care!” Mr. Lee – Grand Rapids

“We are very impressed with Ryan, he does a very good job.” Mrs. Kempers – Zeeland

“Casey did a very excellent job on my first lawn fertilizing application. plus, he answered all of my silly questions, and I appreciate that.” Mr. Leonard – Grand Rapids

“Thank you, JD, for coming out and checking my lawn and leaving notes, I am very happy and I appreciate your work.” Mrs. Coleman – Spring Lake

“Adam is very nice and I appreciate that he calls ahead before he shows up. He is doing a great job!” Mr. Briscoe – Jenison

“My lawn is looking so much better.” Mrs. Muchna – Noton Shores

“John, you do such a great job!” Mr. Hoeksema – Grand Rapids

“The weeds are dying; the grass is growing and Casey is very friendly to work with.” Mr. Elenbaas -  Grand Rapids

“I appreciate that Nathan went over and beyond for me, I am really happy with him.” Mr. Gonzalez – Grand Rapids

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Lawn Care Technician Testimonials - Week Ending April 14, 2017

Lawn Care Technician Testimonials - Week Ending April 14, 2017

“JD does such an excellent job with the lawn, when I heard about the atta boy board, I had to give him one.”  - Mrs. Ewing- Spring Lake

“John was very nice & professional.” - Mr. Danielson- Grand Rapids

“His lawn looks way better than when he DIY’d. Said Dan deserves a pat on the back.” – Mr. Karbowski-Grand Haven

“Mrs. Wanted to make sure they got the same bug guard technician, Brian, because he did a fantastic job last year.”– Mrs. Ewing-Spring Lake

“I forgot to put out flags and really appreciated that you still came out and baited for moles, you did a great job.” - Mr. Leask-Muskegon

“Eddie is a great guy and are very polite, was impressed and you did an excellent job.”

“Adam did a fantastic job last year, I really liked my tech!” - Mr. Murray-Holland

“Will you please let Brian know that I like him really well. He is very polite and does a thorough job. I really like Brian” Mrs. Lamb-Muskegon

“Put a jewel in Adam’s crown, he was wonderful!” Mrs. Said, “he did a wonderful job explaining things.” – Mrs. Maassen-Jenison

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